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1 5 0 9  I want to make everyone around me feel beautiful. This will be my life. Scent is my art, love will always be my reason for it.

Palms, please.

Joan Rose Scent, Elegant Bottle 50 ML.
A scent dedicated to transformation. Inspired by a woman who broke old beliefs and barriers in order to grasp her own bliss. Joan reminds us to soak in the rain, devour the sun and blossom through the surge. Life can be ridiculously hard and messy but we can all do ridiculously hard and messy things. Are you shaken at times? Good. Keep going. You have been shaken before and yet here you are. Still standing. Doing this. Shining and expanding and gloriously undefined. Hers is the scent of nourishment, capability, vitality and strength. Positively, contagiously new. Here's to rebirth. We should all be so lucky to begin with that.

The Sophia Scent, Elegant Bottle 50 ML.
Hers is the scent of dreams, small whispers, innocence and sleep. Reminding us to be both soft and wild. Like the moon. Or the sea. Or the petal. Or the dream. Hers are the wings that keeps your heart in the clouds. You are the anchor that keeps her feet on the ground.

The Elisabeth Scent, Elegant Bottle 50 ML.
Beautiful shades of blues Delphinium petals soak in pure amber oil, giving off an essence of levity, openness and joy. This July birth flower conveys a feeling of lightness. Elisabeth exudes a certain pull, resonance and familiarity. There will be a connection. She brings with her more ease. Your forgotten memories, not so forgotten. Hers is the scent of hope.

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In pursuit of the essence of things, not the appearance.

She was half human, half universe.
A.R. Lucas @tessamat

If you look too closely at the form, you miss the essence. Rumi

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