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Frog Goose & Bear Parties  🍰Emma Rowe 🎈Taking the stress out of parties! 🥂Would you like help with yours? 🌈Prop hire, DIY packages, Styling 🎉

These three are finally all back at school as of today, so I can start getting stuck into a bit more of the Frog, Goose & Bear world of parties & celebrations, which has been sorely neglected over the summer. It feels like the new year didn’t really start until today. Kids back to school & the husband fiiiiiiiinally finishing his surgical training on Friday after yeeeeears of crazy work hours & study on top of that. I have high hopes for this year. How is your year looking?

Wearing glow sticks, eating choc tops, popcorn & lollies and watching a classic! These guys are set!

This vid was taken when we were setting up. It’s much darker now and a small group of 15 year olds are currently watching the classic movie from 1985 - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ to celebrate Goose’s birthday. Huge thanks to @backyardmovienights for providing this awesome set up! Highly recommend!

These ‘cheeky fox’ 🦊 tattoos are the latest custom order drawn by to use as party favours for the big kids at a one year old’s birthday party.
With one more week left of Goose’s school holidays, now is the perfect time to get your custom drawing orders in for tattoos & stickers before she gets bogged down with year ten homework!

Harry Potter parties are by far the most popular here at Frog, Goose & Bear parties! After seeing the amazing Harry Potter theatre production on Saturday, I’m more pumped than ever to help you with your Harry Potter themed parties!

The photos above are but a mere tiny token of all of the themed props that we have to hire out! We love the ever popular brick wall fabric, as well as hanging candles, a wax seal from Hogwart’s, banners from each Hogwart’s house, Hogwart’s uniforms, a chocolate frog mould, lolly jars for Honeyduke’s, food labels & so much much much more!

We can also organise games & activities & party favours for you along with paper cups, plates & napkins and even know some pretty clever peeps who make themed biscuits & cakes!

Anything to try & minimise the time & stress for you, as let’s face it - who has the time to go running around all over town to try & source everything when you can get someone like me, who weirdly actually loves doing that stuff, to do it for you! ⠀

Shoot me an email (address on profile page) if you’d like a copy of the full list of items to choose from. ⠀


When your whole family are big Harry Potter fans, this was the perfect Christmas present! Two separate shows of 3 hours each (which included 20 minute intervals) with a 2 1/2 hour dinner break in between, meant for a long day, but so spectacularly done and very worth it. Fantastic job @hpplayaus - highly recommend! Do you plan on seeing it? Have you read the book? #keepthesecrets

How cool is this cake by @alanajonesmann in California??!! 🌈🎂 Do any of my friends have the skills to make something just like this? If you do, can I order one for next Saturday night please? ⠀

Despite my love of parties, I’m actually not the best at making cakes. To be honest, they stress me out a little. Thankfully icing can cover over a multitude of baking sins. I always go for suuuuper simple, yet still with a bit of a fun/wow factor if I can, because despite all the extra effort we go to, all the kids really care about on their birthday is the cake! Am I right?!⠀

What’s the best cake you ever made? That you were the most proud of? Do you have any tips or cheat cake ideas for me?

My resident artist 🎨 turned 15 yesterday. 🎂 We celebrated by going to the Escher exhibition at the NGV followed by yum cha for lunch. Her request for dinner was takeaway pizza & a @coldrock icecream cake - on a 40 degree day, I was happy to oblige! ⠀

She’s having a party with friends next weekend. It’s much harder to work out how to celebrate birthdays with teenagers isn’t it. Hit me with your ideas! What are some good party ideas for teenagers? ⠀

Also, have you seen the Escher exhibition? What did you think?

P.S. She’s still on school holidays for another week, so now’s the perfect time to get those party commissions in if you’d like her artistry involved. 😘

Craft party anyone? ✂️🎨💕🎉 It’s school holidays here in Australia & I’ve spent the last week or so thoroughly cleaning out and tidying my party room! Can’t even begin to tell you how desperately it needed it - you couldn’t even see the floor! I found some great stuff that I forgot I had & got lots of new inspiration. Now everything is organised & in it’s place, I’m all ready for a new year of parties! If you’d like help with a celebration this year, big or small, now is the perfect time to get in touch!

Henna Tattoos by the beach. Someone let Goose loose with a tube or two of henna! It might just be our next party trick!
Excuse the dusty & dirty camping feet & old lady hands. 😉 #keepingitreal
The kids & I are currently camping down at Wilson’s Prom with some of our favourite friends. How are you spending the summer school holidays? 🦘🌞🌊

Hi. 👋🏼⠀

I thought it was about time that I put a pic of me on insta. Ignore the bit of green something or other stuck in my teeth, but I liked the photo, so thought I’d just keep it real & run with it anyway.⠀It was taken last week having a relaxed dinner with my family down by the sea.

There have been quite a few new followers in the last little while, so I thought it might help to put a face to a name & to let you see that I’m a pretty friendly type who likes nothing more than to chat party with you whenever the need arises. People are often asking me for party advice or help with inspiration for their next celebration & I’m always happy to help in any way I can. I especially love it when people send me pics of the parties they’ve put together for themselves or their friends & family. I love it when you’ve had a go at something you’ve seen here on my insta page or used some of my hire items or Lucy’s artwork in your parties & you send me pics or a little note to let me know how it all went. It seriously makes my day. It’s why I do what I do! ⠀

I’m really looking forward to seeing how Frog, Goose & Bear Parties will continue to evolve in 2019. Stay tuned friends. I’m so glad you’re here for the ride and I really appreciate all of your wonderful support & encouragement along the way. Thanks guys!

A quote I came across a while ago via @whitehavenemporium that resonated with me. At this time of new year’s resolutions & our crazy pursuit of unattainable perfectionism, there’s a lot to be said for just showing up - flaws & all.

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