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Emma Rowe  🎈party planning & event styling 🎈 #diypartyfun @emmarowe75 for non-party pics.

This is what happens when you're marrying a guy that can just whip up really cool wooden things for your engagement party. A sign post, a game of finska and an awesome bar, as well as a cool photo booth backdrop and lots of wooden cheese boards and rustic stumps for displaying the food. Lucky you @jesssssss_ica ! Such a great job @atg_custom_furniture ! #engagementparty #froggoosebearparties #woodenprops

Scroll through for pics of the food table that I styled at Jess & Brett's engagement party on Saturday with food made by their extended family & friends. What a gorgeous day it was for a celebration. xxoo 🌷🍰🥂❤️#froggoosebearparties #engagementparty #jessandbrett #diypartyfun

Amazing cake made by the groom-to-be's sisters at yesterday's engagement party. What a gorgeous & clever family you are marrying into @jesssssss_ica xo #diypartyfun #floralspongetower #engagementparty #froggoosebearparties

What a wonderful weekend back in the country at the 'Festival of the Lamb' (aka Hamish's 40th). Native flora cut from trees on the farm, lamb & veggies slow cooked the Argentinian way over the fire, great company and beautiful views, not to mention outdoor spa, jumping castle, volleyball & outdoor cinema for the kids. We pitched the tent on the lawn & I got to show the kids the area I grew up in. Thanks gorgeous Toll family. xoxo

Popcorn cupcakes that the kids & I made for a friend's movie themed 10th birthday party on the weekend. 🍿🍿🍿 The popcorn is made from mini marshmallows cut in half, stuck back together, then twisted. #popcorncupcakes #diypartyfun #froggoosebearparties #movieparty

Goose and her Granny went to an opshop and put together this awesome Mad Hatter's costume! The hat was purchased online but the rest was all upcycled. She wore it to a Mad Hatter's Tea Party today & I see an Alice in Wonderland themed party in our future ... Great job @whats_the_hatter_with_me xo #madhattercostume #diypartyfun

Party activities - Apart from eating food and birthday cake, they played Table Quidditch, had a Potions lesson, made their own charm necklaces, pinned the eye on Mad-Eye Moody (drawn by the b'day girl), took polaroid photos in the photo booth and decorated biscuits. (Pics of last 2 activities are in previous insta posts) #froggoosebearparties #harrypotterparty #diypartyfun

The lolly bar AKA 'Honeyduke's Sweet Shop' 🍭 At the end of the party the kids were given small calico bags that they filled with Bertie Bott's every-flavour beans, licorice wands, jelly slugs, pepper imps, fizzing whizbees, acid pops, chocolate frogs, cockroach clusters, dragon eggs, Gringott's gold coins, Drooble's best-blowing gum and Dumbledore's favorite - Sherbet lemons. #apologiestoparents #harrypotterparty #froggoosebearparties #diypartyfun

'Forbidden Forest Fruit'. Of course all the food had to be labeled to fit the theme. As well as the edible floo powder, mandrake mousse, butter beer fudge, edible golden snitches and sorting hat cupcakes pictured in previous posts, we also had Professor Sprout's Vegetable Garden (dip & veggie sticks), Molly's mini meat pies (party pies), Basilisk Eggs (deviled eggs), Dragon Scales (potato chips) and Pumpkin scones. #harrypotterparty #harrypotterpartyfood #froggoosebearparties #diypartyfun

Butterbeer - brown creamy soda mixed with caramel topping, then topped with a mixture of whipped cream, vanilla & sugar. Sweetness overload! There was also Gillywater & Polyjuice Potion on offer. P.S. do u like the new reusable bamboo straws I found in Cambodia? #harrypotterparty #froggoosebearparties #diypartyfun

Edible Floo powder. AKA homemade wiz fizz - jelly crystals, icing sugar, bicarb soda & citric acid. The kids called it "totally-not-cocaine" #harrypotterparty #froggoosebearparties #diypartyfun

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