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Catrina Long  You can do whatever you want so long as it's believable. ~Moodism. Art inquiries: long.catrina@gmail.com

✨I just wanna talk for a while...#Moodism

👑My child! 😩😂❤️

✨In the process of putting drawings up in my portfolio and rearranging it, and came across this piece drawn last year. The pieces with written words on them are always so interesting to come back to. I always get a good laugh out of them! I use an automatic writing process much like the process I use to draw/paint...to ease my control, relax during the process of creation, and see what comes up in my spirit. "How did you do it, Froedoutbarbie?" #Moodism

#Repost from @diddy.

✨I finished this 18x24 drawing tonight that I stopped working on months ago because I had run out of markers. My toolbox is still all dried out, but somehow, I made it through. 🙃 #JesusBeSomePigmentInMyLife

I've got such a handsome little fella, but the way he loves to 'look good' (his words) let's me know that I'll have my hands full when he gets to high school! 🙄😂❤️#pictureday #advancedreader #thatsmybaby #thatsmydawg #momasbigboy

✨🦄 At this point, I'm beginning to think they actually have a thing for me, and not the other way around. Spotted yet another winged wonder in its winged glory yesterday on my way to view the eclipse. 😍 #OwlsEye

✨14/100, "Bounce! Hop to it!" #100BadPaintingsProject, I really felt a lot of things click and come together with this piece and got a good sense of where my style wants to take me. Things like this just makes me super excited! What gets you off?..#Moodism

So far, being gluten free still sucks, but I've been craving fried chicken so I made some. I used Trader Joe's gluten free flour by Baker Josef's, and it actually tastes like normal fried chicken without the gluten free filter.
I never post food pics, but here I am...#TryNewShitTrina

❤️1st day of 3rd grade! Yikes! Even though Israel is almost as big as I am, he's still Moma's big ol baby! I'm praying for the best year yet! 😍😘

✨I attract really beautiful winged flying creatures in my life. Why?...because I'm a fairy, and other fairies come to visit me from time to time. This dragonfly reminds me that you don't have to try to be seen...they'll get the picture, still.

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