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Day 5 Post Op - In spite of "an impressive case of appendicitis" dr says her progress is further along than expected. Today that news meant Bria gets to go home! But not before another dose of IV antibiotics. Just counting down the next 3 or so hours.

Children's Hospital is our temporary home- Bria was complaining of abdominal pain on Saturday. On Sunday night we found ourselves in the ER, by 3am appendicitis was confirmed, at noon on Monday an appendectomy was performed. During surgery it was discovered her appendix had burst, per the dr probably a couple of days prior. To say my daughter is one tough cookie would be an understatement. Day 1 Post op, food is ok to eat but not "feeling" so good; walk 1 of 4 is complete. During her ER time one of the nurses gave her a gift, he has appropriately been named Appendi the bear. Apendi 🐻 did his job even sitting through surgery with her. The next 4-5 days antibiotics are her friend and we pray for no further infections in order to go home and finish recovery there. I LOVE YOU so very much Princess 💕 @dalilqueenb

#VincentDow (aka Chucky, bka Chuckles) loves to come by the Fire House and visit. He stopped by and help wash the Truck with the crew. He loves to check out the Box Lights and TIC. This kid always puts a smile on my face. #FamilyFirst

#FaceTime with my Princess. I'm On Duty at the Fire 🔥 House 🏡 while she is up on the mountain snowboarding 🏂 Glad she is having fun and learning some new tricks.Be Safe and have fun. #FamilyFirst #FamilyOverEverything

Me and @chrisgphoto611 on this mornings working fire. Good times.

She will ALWAYS be my princess. She will ALWAYS be my little baby girl. But today she becomes 15 years old. (Stop growing up!) Proud of what you have done so far and can't wait to see all the awesome things you are going to accomplish. (Boys will not help you so STAY away from them! That is a fact so don't try to argue) just wanted to say publicly that I'm proud of you and love you. Have an awesome day today. (Don't forget to clean your room,kitchen and bathroom and what ever else @conchital needs you to do today!) #FamilyFirst #FamilyOverEverything

This should be interesting! Well we either both don't come back or they don't let @conchital back in. We will see what's up. Ps. @dalilqueenb @i_zzy014 love you. Be good.

He would not take a nap all day yesterday. So of course during the best part of the night, he fell asleep! He is Chucky but we love him so much! Had a great time. #Vincentdow #FamilyFirst #FamilyOverEverything

Took my princess and family to the Monster Energy Supercross last night. Had a great time. Weather worked out just about perfect. Good times. #vincentdow #FamilyFirst #FamilyOverEverything

One of this shifts fire. This is the 2nd one for us in the last 12 hours. E4 T4 first in (with a report of people still inside). E3 went in on fire attack. That's me in the right corner pulling the bars off the window. #Fresno #FresnoFire #FresnoCity #FFD #Local753 #FresnoFirefighters #FRN #Firefighter #FireEngine #FireTruck #BestJobInTheWorld

A Queen B Production from @dalilqueenb of our San Francisco Trip from last month for my parents 48 year anniversary. #FamilyFirst #FamilyOverEverything

Look at this guy! Trying to be all grown up. Getting his lunch ready (that his mom made) He's got his first real full time job. Welcome to the EMS world. Great job son. Love you and proud of you. I'm so excited for you! Now I can charge you rent, have you pay for your own phone, car, insurance, gas and so much more! I think I just got a raise in pay with you working! Be safe and drive safe out there. Driving code 3 is no joke. Love you. #familyovereverything #familyfirst

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