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Canada goose egg number 1. Spring wants to be here but winter won’t allow it. #Nestegg #CanadaGoose #Gooseegg #TheCove #Connecticut #NewEngland

Cove life is paired up for spring yet winter hangs around with another nor’easter! It’s a great house to be snowed in with views all around.
#nor’easter #swansongtowinter #slomosnow #newengland #snoglobe

Rose petals on a bed, anticipating the evening ahead. Seen passing by. Valentines 2018. Hope your Valentine wishes come true. #valentinesday #marylinmonroe #roses #bedroomdecor #bedroom #anticipation

#Screenshot of #liveshow. Fun to see my photo of “The Haze”, Hasil Adkins, as a life-size cutout on stage with the band, Southern Culture On The Skids, as they perform one of Hasil’s hit cult songs during @wvmusichalloffame West Virginia Music Hall of Fame event to honor new inductees that included Adkins, Fred “Sonic” Smith, Ann Magnuson and others. I photographed Hasil in 1988 while staff photog at The Charleston Gazette. Road tripped with him to gig in Chicago. Fun craziness! Had to dig for this neg. #wildmanfromvan #hasiladkins #westvirginiamusichslloffame #class2018 #southerncultureontheskids

It’s Super Bowl Sunday so I want to point you to our story on Patriots James Harrison. It’s online now at link in my bio. If you’re watching the game keep an eye on #92, Harrison, the 39 year old outside linebacker. Thanks James for giving me great access and for being so patient with me. Harrison’s power and patience are certain to payoff in today’s big game.
@natgeo @jhharrison92 #SuperBowl

Photo by Fritz Hoffmann @fritzphotos on assignment for National Geographic magazine.
Tibetan itinerant worker, Zhou Ma 27, picks goji berries during the August harvest in Qinghai, China. Goji berries, often called wolfberries in the west, are purported to have health benefits and are commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. While living in China I learned that gojis are good for the eyes. As a photographer, I appreciated that possibility and added a few goji berries regularly to my green tea. Today, goji berries can be found worldwide in food markets and even common grocery stores. Native to specific arid lands, such as Ningxia, China, large goji farms, like the one in Qinghai province where I made this picture, have been planted to supply the growing demand for the berries. The berries grow large and plump in Qinghai, which can be good for goji juice. But the efficacy of those grown there is said to be less than gojis grown in native soil and climate. Most gojis grown in China are shipped to Ningxia and sold wholesale from there so that the name of the place of origin can be included with the sale.
#gojiberries #Tibetan #wolfberries #harvest #Qinghai #China

Seagulls pass my window on a raft of ice.
#flockofseagulls #iceraft #meeting #conference #birdsofafeather

The old mariner left us his boat complete with essential tools for the seas, like this KA-BAR Rigging Knife with marlin spike, blade and a quality lanyard spliced by him.

#KA-BAR #RiggingKnife #MarlinSpike #PocketKnife #Lanyard

Photo by @fritzphotos // Words by @petergwin Photographed on assignment for National Geographic magazine.
New England Patriots linebacker James Harrison (@jhharrison92) knows about pain—KNOWS about it. For nearly two decades he has been delivering and receiving devastating blows on NFL fields. This afternoon, at age 39, he will step onto the field for today’s AFC Championship Game as the oldest defensive player in professional football. (His teammate @tombrady is a year older and among the oldest offensive players.) Last spring, he let photographer Fritz Hoffmann and I visit him in Arizona to document his workouts (lots of power lifts) and meticulous health routine (no alcohol, refined sugar, or processed carbs). In between weightlifting sessions, we asked him his secret for playing such a violent game at such a high level for so long. “Ain’t no damn secret, man. HARD WORK, lots of hard work!” Well that, and a lot of attention to caring for his body. Harrison spends about $350,000 a year employing a team of specialists, including massage therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors, who help manage the punishment his body endures. One of them is Codi Hoos, a massage therapist who uses cupping, an ancient therapy practiced for centuries in China, to reduce muscle soreness. I mentioned to Harrison that scientists are skeptical about cupping some of the other treatments he uses. Harrison shrugged. “All I know is before I get treated, I HURT, and after, I feel better.”————- #NFL #Defense #playoffs #footballer #gameday #patriots #newengland #thephotosociety #tps #JamesHarrison #92

Riding Metro North train home. #MNR #goinghome #passenger #daydreaming

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