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Bit of denim, bit of chunky, bit of floral, bit of linen. I think I need this closet at mine 😬 #fridayeve #thursdayatfrisky

YOGA with @youviayoga upstairs at The Observatory 🧘🏽‍♀️ || We have had so many questions about our space - most commonly - “Do you live here?” I laugh. How would I ever 🤯😬Something far more wonderful is in our room upstairs at The Observatory. It is used for some of the most relaxing and gentle yoga you will ever experience with @youviayoga. The room is also occupied by Marnie @marniecate for all things magical. Sometimes I sneak in there just to be. It’s such a light feeling I can’t describe it until you’re in there #itsbeautifulhere #theobservatory #mandurah

NEW ARRIVALS || Gorgeous little poppet this Antique Window Frame Mirror. Tap to shop 🕌 #saturdayatfrisky #friskyonline

Little bobbles in love hearts as the knitwear starts rolling in. In store or shop online and we’ll send them out Australia wide 🌈 #wednesdayatfrisky

28.02.19 || We want to share this sweet little piece captured by @overlandmedia as we were setting up in The Observatory. Check out the drone footage at the end, it looks like we live on an island 🌴 #mandurah #amazingWA #friskydeer #theobservatory

Two words that we take super seriously at Frisky Deer. Thank you. Our first week in our new space has been nothing short of incredible. We are just a bunch of interiors and fashion loving geeks that decided to add some coffee and cake into the mix and crikey....turns out we make good coffee!! We have been completely overwhelmed by the love. @margaretriverroasting are half to thank for that and we are working hard to pump out the hundreds of cups that you guys are asking for, so thank you for your kind words and patience. Love in a cup takes time and care and we are dedicated to the grind. Thank you for all of the other interiors and fashion loving geeks like us for all of the “Wow this space is incredible! Congratulations!” comments and for all of the beautiful things that you took home with you! It makes the extra long days and 7 day weeks 100% worth it. Thank you from the bottoms of our full hearts, Team Frisky 🌈💛

Finding new angles in The Observatory. New stock arriving daily 🙈 #saturdayatfrisky #perthcoffee #visitpeel #mandurahcafe

G O O D M O R N I N G || 7 days in our new space and I think we finally know where everything is! #theobservatory #thursdayatfrisky #itsbeautifulhere

Holy crazy cow balls you guys. We’re actually not sure what the actual actual just happened. You’re going to have me give me a few days to find my words but for now thank you. Thank you a million times for packing The Observatory to the rafters today. There are no words left. See you tomorrow 💛 #saturdayatfrisky #theobservatory


SNEAK PEAK! We are ded people. After 2 biggggggg days we are having to concentrate putting one foot in front of the other. And djdufudbanfhdhv....brain ded too. BUT. SHIT WE ARE EXCITED. YOU SHOULD SEE THIS PLACE! OPEN TOMORROW 8:30am - 5pm 🏛 #theobservatory #friskyshopbuild #OPEN1MARCH2019

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