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Koi Fish is a symbol of courage! Sometimes we like to hide behind the walls of our issues or fears. Once we decide to step up and tackle things head on, your courage takes over. It weakens your fears and crumbles your issues. Stop giving people so much of your time if you are still waiting on you. Have a great weekend everyone!

Before you start chasing the stars and saying skies the limit and all that. Dig Deep and strengthen that core inside of you. Fix up those leaks and replace the parts that just don’t work for you anymore. Once that’s established you can build as high as you want. What’s the point of having your success built on a weak foundation. Just a set up for failure, destruction or more. So dig deep, then build high! S/O to @andrescreates for this animation. We’re getting a bit closer to the launch of @ledoersclub . Your support is greatly appreciated. Follow us and stay tuned.

In order to get your feast on, get your beast on! Stay hungry, never full!

Here’s one for the man himself. His story has been so inspiring to me. What a legend! @therock . Shout out to @brucepinchbeckjr for the inspo to my #15daysoffriks #therock #miami

I have tried time and time again to get through things on my own or try to control the outcomes to certain opportunities or events. But it always turns out better than I planned out to begin with. These days I have more faith in me than ever. Have faith because the story plays out the way it was meant to. Through good, enjoy it. Through bad, learn from it. It’s all part of the life gifted to you. Thank you @pattyflores85 for the inspo. #15daysoffriks #day4

Here are some kids graphics created for @underarmour . Let me know your thoughts on these.

Do you have a vision for your life. Day 3 of #15daysoffriks Thanks to @davidfacevedo for the inspo.

Eat or be eaten! #itaintsafe

So many of us have this idea on what love should look like. You have to continue putting in the work once the honeymoon phase ends. Be with someone who inspires, desires, and dreams with you. Grow in love- not fall in love. Leave your thoughts below and or tag someone you love! #vousnotes

Today’s word for the #15daysoffriks is “Patience”. Inspired by the talented @misslushy . What are your thoughts on this?

Here’s the launch of the challenge I set myself to complete. Thank you all for those who commented on that post. Today’s word is “Story”. We all got a story to tell. Mines gotten pretty interesting lately but excited to continue living it out. Thank you @steph.canto for the inspo! #15daysofFriks

Do you have a dream or goal that you continue to make excuses on. It actually takes more energy out of you to not do vs doing. It’s in the “Doing” that’s defines you and gives you purpose. “Huge” Thank you to @amittai_josiah for the animation & @iamrayrock for the beat. Support the movement & follow @ledoersclub coming real soon!!!!!!!!!!

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