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Friks84  Type.Illustrations.Logos.T-shirt Designs.Murals.Inquiries Co-owner @ToySnobs Creative Director @Outrankbrand Co-owner @leDoersClub

Here’s the finalized wall . Collaborated with @rudy_mage & @airkolors for @djiglobal @dronenerds . Some times we have to Rise Above certain situations in life. We can‘t control the winds but we can learn how to soar. Let me know your thoughts. Have a great weekend! #riseabove

A huge thanks to everyone who’s helped me turning this vision into fruition. I titled this collection “Build Deep” because that’s exactly what I’ve had to do this year. Work on me , in me and through me! Special thanks to @yokany for this amazing video! @itsmariajuliah for the photography. Shout out to @wade_2000 & @cassidysalv
Lastly @heylookitsjv for the 🎶. Gearing up for the launch January 2019. Special thanks to my partner @lissy0408 .Check out @ledoersclub if you haven’t yet. Let me know your thoughts.

Sitting back as I watch my hand go and enjoy the show. Peep the ipencil tho. Bae’s attention to detail is on 🎯 !

For those that don’t know. Been working hard on a new project. @ledoersclub is a new brand we are launching soon. Let me know your thoughts and love any and all support. I appreciate all of you who’ve held me down since day 1. It’s fuel to me! Doers Only! Let’s do!

Shout out to @rudy_mage for including me on this collab for @djiglobal . Rise Above can mean a lot of things. Rising above certain situations and it’s a drone store! 👌

Absolutely loving the new iPad Pro. Shout out to @dizzle19 for the early Xmas gift. Love you girl! #ipadpro #procreate #ipencil #apple

For so long I lived a life where I played things safe. Didn’t speak up when needed to. Held back for others to move forward. Stayed in the shadows for others to shine. I’ve failed over and over and over again. I know on social we don’t post enough of our failures because this is a platform for our highlight reel not my life real. Real life is hard! But I’m standing firm today to say to me and all of you, fear ends here. Go for what’s right what you want in this life! Do whatever it takes. Road to success looks like a maze with no end. Fail, fail, fail until it hits! You rather fail, or bail? ✌️

We’ve all used it at one point or another. #procreate #ipadpro #ipencil #ebay

Honored to be a part of @mos_miami this year for Basel. Blessed to do what I do and who I do it with. If you want to see it in person it in on the corner of 32st NW 6ave. Swipe left for progress shots. Let me know your thoughts. I love reading them! Have an amazing week!

Gearing up for the launch of @ledoersclub . Let’s celebrate and welcome 2019’s color revealed by @pantone yesterday. What are your thoughts on the color?

“Drip too hard” tee now available @outrankbrand . #drip #driptoohard #drippin #driptoohardchallenge #dripdrip

We all want to achieve our dreams & aim high in life. But are you putting in the work. This new brand we’re starting is intended to inspire before you expire. Follow @ledoersclub and stay tuned as the “Build Deep” Collection is on its way. Stop Talking, Start doing!

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