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We can fly twice as high! #swingtime #parkday 高く飛べるよ!#公園びより

It’s Thankful Thursday! Quick,Tell me three things you are thankful for! Me? Family. Being able to create. And that tomorrow is Friday! Lol have a beautiful Thursday everyone! ALSO if you haven’t heard yet, this Thursday 4/26 I will set up my @newmoonpapergoods cards up in @madewell The Grove for a mini pop-up from 6-8pm. Hope to see you guys there. Am prepping for that right now! 感謝する木曜日です!感謝している3つのことを教えてください!私?家族。クリエイターであること。そして明日は金曜日です! LOL みんな美しい木曜日/金曜日を過ごして下さいね。#thankfulthursday #thankful #popup #popupshop #madewell #thegrove #thegrovela

What a fun night sitting around with others and writing letters to our PenPal’s,friends and family. It was a time much needed. Thank you @lapenpalclub for having evenings like this. Thank you @reinish12 for taking me and @japanese_robot for being the best uncle to my son. 知らない人と一緒に座って、PenPal、友人、家族に手紙を書くのは楽しい夜になる。本当に必要な時だった。このような夜はありがとう@lapenpalclub。最高に優しい友達にも感謝。ありがとう〜また行きたい〜!#write_on #nationalwritingmonth #letterwritingmonth

Missing you #SF ♥️ #goldengatebridge #sanfrancisco #missyou #love

Never thought I would see a delicious 5lb (yes I said 5lb!) cinnamon roll on my table! Wish my family was in town. An official attempt from @wolfermans to win the title of the LARGEST cinnamon roll on 4/10, weighing more than 800 pounds in the Guinness World Records. To celebrate they are now selling these FIVE pound cinnamon rolls.
テーブルの上に5lb のシナモンロール(はい、私は5lbと言った)のおいしいものが見えるとは思わなかった!食べきれるか? @wolfermans からの正式な試みで、ギネス世界記録で800ポンド以上の体重を掛けた最大のシナモンロールのタイトルを獲得しました。彼らは現在、これらの5ポンドのシナモンロールを販売しています。 #bigishowweroll #ad

✨Under the 🌊 sea 🐠 🐟 (did it make you want to sing? 🎶) #underwaterlife #aquarium #sf #family #love #academyofsciences #sanfrancisco

Thank you @renegadecraft and It was such an amazing weekend being amongst other creators and meeting new customers. Really got me inspired!! Excited for the new things to happen. Counting down till my next #renegadecraftfair show. And thank you @clau_designla for being an awesome booth partner!! サンフランシスコとレネゲードクラフトフェアありがとう〜とっても楽しかったよ〜クリエイター達に巻き込まれて、そして新しいお客さんにも出会えて最高だったよ〜感謝!また早く次のショーが楽しみ。

Drinking my mom fuel ☕️ and pumped to show you all my new cards! Come visit me @renegadecraft her till 6pm tonight and tomorrow! #renegadecraftfair #sanfrancisco #momlife #momboss #sf #mothersday

Just got my first order for vintage stamps from my shop @newmoonpapergoods and I was just as excited as when I sell a card! So many wonderful things out in the world that may be nothing to other people can be re-used in a beautiful way. Also have more things coming in store soon and am sooo stinking excited! 😂 ヴィンテージの切手の初オーダーがあって、自分のカードが売れた時と同じ嬉しさwなんともないものと思う人もいれば、これで何かをデコレートできると思う人もいる。もうすぐショップには新しいものが出るので楽しみ!!早く見せたい!#vintagestamps #postagestamps #etsyshop #letter #writemore

✨🐣 Happy Easter 🐇 💕

The inland area of Los Angeles was a beautiful and very warm 74 degree weather day. We thought we should take advantage of it and go to the beach... Well... even though it’s only an hour away it was 10degrees colder and we had to make shift and go enjoy it anyways. And we did! We explored caves, chased sea gulls, found seashells and walked barefoot <- that was Everest’s idea! Had a fun day exploring the beaches. Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weekend 🐰今日家の周りはとっても暖かったから海に行こうという話になって、1時間後海に着いたら気温が全然違った!寒かったけどこれでも楽しまなくちゃと思い冒険しに行った!とっても楽しかったよ〜こういうプランのない日も良いね。みんなも良い週末を!日本の桜綺麗だね!羨ましいなぁ🌸#explore #weekend #family #fun #malibu

One week from today I will be standing in my booth #153 @fortmasoncenter in #sanfrancisco for the @renegadecraft Anyone who is in the area, I hope you get the chance to come and visit this amazing fun event of creative small businesses!! I will have new cards to show at the show. 今日から1週間後にはサンフランシスコでレネゲードクラフトフェアでブースを出します!近くに住んでいる人がいれば是非遊びに来て下さい!新しいカードもあるからね!お待ちしてます。#renegadecraftfairsf #renegadecraft #sf #love #roadtrip #newmoonpaper

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