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Woohoo! Our Chef Lisa made Ayam Penyet and it was legit sedap! 🙌🏼 Do you want the recipe? Say yasssss and we’ll share it over next week! #MerdekaSpecial #MakanMuhibbah

Who knows about this classic Nyonya kuih? Simple but still elegant, so if korang nak try buat Kuih Nyonya this is perfect for you! Watch this video, try it and tell us how it turn out.

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Sapa tak try lagi memang rugi! If you guys like sarawakian food then check Salted out. Mee Kolok, Laksa Sarawak and even Mee Belacan.

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Korang suka Zinger right? Well guess what, we've found @burgerbaeksunway! Rugi kalau tak try.

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Fancy name for a poor mans dish, this is the Phoenix Claws! This recipe is good if you wanna try Chinese Chicken Cooking without the uncommon stuff.

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Nothing beats a KAW bowl of Tom Yam and trust us, it gets even better when you do it on your own. It's like freaking easy to make and customise yawl! Gaji time, let's seafood at home.

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#FCRecipes #EasyAsianRecipe #TomYam

Craving for something sweet and quick? Try our 4 Minutes Cake recipe now! It's so easy to make and gerenti sedapppp 😍 Try lah

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Love Hokkien Mee but still looking for a better halal one? Jom tengok this video, boleh buat kat rumah je and gerenti sedap!

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#FCRecipes #EasyRecipes

Biasa lah menu akhir bulan but you can still customise it to make it better kan, like this one we added Cheese! What do you add into your instant noodle to make it special? 😏


Korang mesti semua dah rasa or pernah dengar about Char Kuey Teow Aunty Gemok kan? Now she has retired and Aunty Kurus dah take over! Boleh tahan!

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What are you guys having for dinner? Tau tak @ilhamnasikukus open for dinner?

Still banyak lagi Durian at home? Or just wanna try something new? Jom try our #DurianIceCream recipe!


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