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Jean Luc Godard  Mexican⭐️Magazine Published Poet⭐️Visual Artist&Performer⭐️Ghost Writer⭐️Aspiring Creative Director/Editor in Chief⭐️ buy my poetry collection here vv

I'm so grateful to live literally 2 minutes walking distance away from @yazreve @marilunamv & @dannybowiee 💛 #eaeaea #minion #fidgetspinner #adiosybye #chilaquil #wecuteorwhateva

My time as a healing, creative relaxing soul is up. I feel the urgent need to go back to working creatively as well as academically in the city that made me strong. Adios Mexico, its been real, but my reality expands further from utopian dreams. As a Mexican womxn, my role is to break the stereotypes and work in big cities, compete, as Yayoi Kusama would say, "with the big ones." ✨🌿🥂

Cielo Tijuanense 🌿


Last night in Tijuana. Cerrando con broche de oro✨ Gracias Ms. Flores por el vestido ❤️

Bouncy house outfit for my last day in Tijuana 🏁💅🏽

This photo was taken today, 4 years ago when I moved to SF with my bffs. ✨We were so excited that day, running around, dancing and joking worryless as our parents were still paying for our food for the day. Little did we know that we were about to take on a journey that would include literal tears, fighting, becoming broke and not having money to even breath, paying $2,000 to share one room for 4 people, staying up 11 hours studying, almost failing courses, not talking for a year, missing our family, missing Mexico etc etc. I would do it all over again with them by my side ❤️ 4 years later we are still holding on, graduating next summer together.✨

Ms. Flores gave me a total of 40 shirts, 28 dresses, and 10 accessories. 🌿 No need to be a millionaire to look like a million dollars. I'm so lucky. There's absolutely nothing that replaces the feeling of people giving me things bc they remind them of me. I'm hoping to do a video when I go back to SF styling everything ✨ Most of what I wear is either thrifted or a gift from people✨ I'm so lucky.

"A ti que no te gusta lo Anglo." - Ms Flores ✨🥂

This fit was my aunt's in the 80s and she gave it to me bc it doesn't fit her anymore 🌿

The holy trinity of El Callejón 🌹🌹🌹

Mi abuelita 🤠

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