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Lord Fridge  •Former Overlord of Universe 5 •Revenge will be swift •I'm coming for you Codex

[Welcome back, Son] #TheWarmonger
{Crool's private room} The green windowed PTO ship hovered over the asteroid in Yardrat's solar system in the Fifth Universe. Inside it, a female Ice-Jin stared at the asteroid. A PTO soldier walked up behind her, "Lady Crool, Prince Izeberg is waiting for you at the Bridge." Crool waved her hand to dismiss him, "Thank you, Mato, inform Captain Tangor he's in charge while I am out." Mato nodded, "Yes ma'am!" He departed. Crool stared at the window for a few more minutes and then departed. {The Bridge} Izeberg turned to see his mother, Crool, walking up behind him, "There it is, mother. The key to my brother's revival!" Crool nodded, "Yes. If only the green man hadn't taken your father away, he would've loved to see Fridge again." Izeberg put his hand on Crool's shoulder, "Come. Let's get this over with, mother." {The Asteroid} Dende heard a noise outside his cave and he ran out to see Crool and Izeberg standing there staring him down, "Oh no.. I was afraid the Saiyan would lose! Please, don't make my death torture!" Crool frowned, "I believe you're mistaken. The Saiyan won and that's why I'm here. You Namekians make Dragon Balls which grant wishes. I'm going to use a wish to revive my son." Dende smirked, "As if I'd do that. You have no power over me now that Codex has won." Crool now smirked, "Codex may have won, but he's universes away right now." Dende sweat-dropped, "R-Right this way Miss!" {A bit later} Dende placed the last Dragon Ball down, Crool and Izeberg stood behind him, "Akuma Eien! I summon you!" Suddenly a maroon glow covered the red Dragon Balls and a glowing smoke burst forth revealing the red cigar smoking Akuma Eien, "I never thought I'd see the mortal realm again, what pointless wish do you people need now?" Crool yelled out at the dragon, "I wish for the revival of my son, Fridge!"

Fridge-Zell was on duty from his master, for the evacuation procedure had been in vain. Fridge-Zell was to upgrade the portal that Fridge had possessed and then link it with the portal on Zeton IV so that it could have greater size. The destination of the portal was to be the eighth planet, which would become the replacement for the destroyed Zeton IV. Using his the mystic powers Fridge-Zell possessed from his Ka-Zell half, he was able to fix the portal in a matter of an hour and a half. The portal was now relinked to Universe 7 using the stored coordinates, it was large enough for all who wished to return to Universe 7 to do quite quickly, and it was now linked with the eighth planet. Fridge-Zell also set it up to stay on long enough for a new portal in Universe 7 to go back to Universe 5 to be created using coordinates that a Renji could store. Fridge-Zell seemed to feel like he did not want the Navotax to leave.. But at the same time he also felt that it wasn't for good purposes. The Ka-Zell half of Fridge-Zell began to wonder mentally just how active the in-control Fridge half was.. [ #dragonballzrp #navotaxruleallofyou ]

[ continued from @jeker_navotax 's post ]
Fridge-Zell and Jeker landed at an empty hanger on Voss-Ka, "Good travels son of Codex. If needed I will be on Zeton IV.. There is something I must check out." Jeker waved to Fridge-Zell as his ship departed through the sky. He then searched for his Universe 5 brother's energy signature.. "There!" Jeker supersped through the city reaching a training area. Two guards, Vector and Kelnich Jeker recognized, were standing in front of the entrance, "Halt! Who approaches the private training area of the sons of Lord Codex?" Kelnich asked of Jeker. 'Must think I'm some random Vexo or something because I don't look like this Universe's Jeker.' Jeker thought to himself, "I am Universe 7's Jeker and I need to speak with my counterpart and his brothers. Kelnich and Vector immediately apologized for stopping him and moved out of the way. U7 Jeker and U5 Jeker both saw each other immediately when U7 Jeker entered the area. After they figured out who U7 Jeker was the two started to compliment and criticize each other. Fyre finally asked why U7 Jeker was here and he explained Codex's orders to them. Biggs then revealed that the ship was being repaired on Zeton IV. "Oh great." U7 Jeker grumbled. The three brothers and the oldest brother's Universe 7 counterpart would now begin a trip to Zeton IV.

During a break in his training, Fridge-Zell was called in to report on Zeton IV once again. He was greeted by a figure that looked like the Renji Rangers, but different. "Renji Captain reporting for duty Master Fridge-Zell! Hail Codex!" The revealed to be Renji Captain shouted. Fridge-Zell examined it thoroughly, "The scientists did good work.. Are there more of you?" The Renji Captain nodded, "Right this way sir." He led Fridge-Zell through a long wide corridor to an arena like area. There thousands of red and green colored Renji were awaiting orders, an Elite Renji was monitoring them to make sure they all stayed in check. The Renji Rangers, now activated again and briefed on what all has happened since their deactivation, stood in a vacant corner of the area. The Elite walked up to Fridge-Zell and the Renji Captain and saluted, "Renji awaiting orders sir! With Lord Codex in Universe 7 you and Lady Depa are currently in charge of our actions sir!" Fridge-Zell smirked, "Heheheh this is impressive.." Fridge-Zell looked up to a control room near the roof of the area, "You and your scientists really out did themselves Depa.." Fridge-Zell raised a hand, "And all the Renji yelled out, "HAIL CODEX!"

As the Renji were beginning to mass produce, Fridge-Zell had another mission from Depa, he had to go to Vex and master the Navotax System's Gravity on Vex's blank surface. The gravity of the Navotax System was more than 400x that of Planet Vegeta. For Fridge-Zell he was experiencing 43x what his body was used to. He had stopped by a nearby Sky Palace to get some supplies, and off to training he went. The force was tough on him at first, but soon he started to get the hang of it. "Haha. Gravity Training is one of the best ways to get stronger. Although unless I want to send any of Codex's planets out of orbit I don't believe I'll ever know how fast I can truly go at zero gravity.. Pity." #dragonball #dragonballz #dragonballgt #anime #animerp

Fridge-Zell flew through the galactic ruins of the final battle of Fridge and co verses Codex and co. "Ugh tell me again why I have to be the one to do this mission?" Fridge-Zell asked into his communicator. "Because you're the only one who can survive in space long enough to get them genius." Depa replied on the other end. Fridge-Zell then arrived at his destination, "Ah. The place where Salza almost died.. Where are you Renji Rangers?" After some searching Fridge-Zell spotted them. All were deactivated and frozen in their exact positions before deactivation. "The Azure-Jin knew what he was doing when he managed to get these things to attack each other.." Fridge-Zell continued to ramble on. "Can you just bring them back to Zeton IV already? These scientists and I have lives to get to." Depa commanded over the communicator. Fridge-Zell angrily waved a fist in the air, but said no words as Depa would get angry with him. Fridge-Zell used his Telekinetic powers to move all five of the Renji Rangers with him back to Zeton IV. There the scientists began to examine the Renji Rangers and built machines to mass produce them based on the design of the Green Renji Ranger, but not just in the color Green. #dragonball #dragonballz #dragonballgt #anime #animerp

The overlord of Universe 5, Fridge had been taken over by the shapeshifting servant of Codex, Ka-Zell. Because Ka-Zell magnified the power of Fridge's body it made him even more of a powerhouse, even though Codex was the only person he was second to in strength. "Hail Codex!" Fridge-Zell shouted as he stood in front of the masses of Universe 5, they then allowed the message to echo, "Hail Codex!" Behind Fridge-Zell stood Salza, Neizu, Dore, and Zarbon the only surviving minions of the final battle against Codex. Because Fridge-Zell was not just Ka-Zell, but also Fridge, all the inhabitants of Universe 5 had to obey. Now they all had to listen to Codex. Fridge could only watch on as his empire fell to Codex's rule, but the supreme Arcosian had to be patient, his time to strike again would come one day.

#AlternateUniverse5 •Name: Unit FEAR-9-3-5-10-9-14 •Height: 7'0

This machine's name may be hard to remember, but his power won't be. Constructed under the command of Lord Fridge over two months ago, it is in the process of activation. Unfortunately, it knows not of the 12 Universes, leaving it without the intelligence to attempt to leave Universe 5. It's purpose is to destroy all enemies of Fridge, whether it's within his ranks or not.
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#AlternateUniverse5 Fridge spoke to three people he did not know in his quarters, "Who permitted you the authorization to enter my quarters? Can't you see I am occupied?" The bass in the voice of the IceJin left the three in fear. One cleared his throat and began to speak, "W-Well.. Lord Fridge.. There were a couple you requested to be constructed before you.. 'Disappeared'." Fridge put his hand to his chin, "Ah yes.. Those. Good work, whoever you are.. Now get out of my sight before I decide to disintegrate you." The three people hurried out of the rooms. ......... "That blasted Saiyan! Why must it would be one of them who always interferes with my plans? I remember them all being destr-" He paused for a moment, thinking, "Damnit! There are at least seven of them alive!" The IceJin punched the wall, accidentally breaking that. Shouting to the top of his voice, he walked through the halls, "Activate FEAR-9-3-5-10-9-14, now!! Do it before I decide to take out all of you useless idiots on this entire planet!" As soon as he started talking, everybody necessary for the activation began paying attention and started moving as quick as they could. "Hmph. Fear is actually a weapon.. How comedic." #roleplay #villain #rp #DragonBall #DragonBallZ #DragonBallGT #DragonBallAF #Dbgt #dbz #db #dbaf #anime #icejin #evil #roleplayperfection
#dbzrp #DragonBallIG #dbig #terror #DragonBallCommunity #oc #dbzoc #emperor

#AlternateUniverse5 An explosion echoed through the planet, alerting the soldiers all over. Hovering about 30ft in the air was Lord Fridge, the Emperor of Universe 5. Every lifeform that arrived had kneeled and formed a massive circle around his landing point.. As Fridge had landed, someone from the front had rised before him, "Lord Fridge.. We have awaited your return." Fridge looked down to him and crossed his arms, "You obviously want to tell me something important, so get to it." "Well we've been informed of the Potara earrings being acquired. But they're in Universe 5." Power surged within Fridge and blew everyone backwards, "How did they get there!?" Fridge looked into the sky, then back to the soldier, then back into the sky, then slowly back at the soldier, then slowly back into the sky, then angrily back to the soldier... "Codex!!!" The tall IceJin flew into the air, breaking the sound barrier, headed toward the Navotax System, "I will destroy you all! Nobody will ruin my plans! NOBODY!!" The speed of the IceJin increased as he became angrier. Decreasing the distance between himself and the portal, the planet's forces were alerted, standing in front of the portal. Fridge's pupils had disappeared and his veins were popping out everywhere... At his speed, he flew straight through the forces and entered the portal. The soldiers had fell to the ground, feeling like they have had their insides experimented on. .... Fridge had now arrived in Universe 5, heading toward the East Galaxy, his home. "Fridge, you're alive?" "Silence, Kuriza. I have the power and authority to kill you in front of your father.." #roleplay #villain #rp #DragonBall #DragonBallZ #DragonBallGT #DragonBallAF #Dbgt #dbz #db #dbaf #anime #icejin #evil #roleplayperfection
#dbzrp #DragonBallIG #dbig #terror #DragonBallCommunity #oc #dbzoc #emperor

#AlternateUniverse5 {Backstory from Fridge's POV PT3} "Humans.. Weakened by emotions.." Yamcha became angry, "NOO! BULMA!!" He charged directly at Chilled with his full power, "I won't let you get away with this!!" Yamcha punched Chilled in his chest, but it turned out to be useless. The armored IceJin put his finger above his head and charged a Death Ball, "You humans annoy me already.." A second later, an explosion was heard and Fridge was on the ground far away. Goku had landed in his Super Saiyan form. The swordsman stood and transformed as well. Frieza shouted, "What!? There's another Super Saiyan!?" Cooler looked over with anger, "More of these blonde monkeys!?" Chilled looked over his shoulder, "No! Not again!!" Kuriza flew behind his father, "Monkey!" Chilled became furious and launched the Death Ball into the surface as the human Z-Fighters attempted to flee except Gohan. An insane laugh was released by the ancestor IceJin as it continued to go into the planet. Goku grunted, "Your time of evil is over.." He charged at Chilled and threw a flurry of punches, hitting him next to the dead Vegeta. "V-Vegeta! Not you too! And Bulma and Yamcha..! I won't let you hurt anyone else ever again!" Unfortunately, neither of the Super Saiyans had enough time to try and stop the Death Ball from hitting the surface, for it had charged only 4 feet above. Kakarot became angrier than he was, his golden aura expanding and his power rising. Trunks shouted to his ally, "I can get as many people off the planet as I can, just hold them off as long as you can!" He disappeared from sight and left the untrained Goku with the five IceJin.. Chilled stood on the collapsed mountain; Frieza, Kuriza, and Cooler stood in front of the ship; and Fridge was walking toward their location, crushing everything in his path. "I may be outmatched, but I'm not going to let Earth fall that easily."

#AlternateUniverse5 {Backstory from Fridge's POV PT2} About an Earth month later, all five IceJin were aboard the ship, and had prepared to destroy the Saiyans once and for all. Cooler had his Armored Squadron to fight with, yet he didn't use them. Goku did not have enough time to train in the blonde transformed state he had when he lost on Planet Namek.. It is still unknown how they escaped the explosion to this day. The day we arrived on Earth is the same day this swordsman arrived. He attempted to chop us all into pieces, but could not fight us all. The tiny Kuriza had walked up to the swordsman to distract him while I took the chance and grabbed him from behind, kneed him in his back while holding his arms, and bringing him to his knees. Frieza approached the struggling fighter, "What's wrong? You didn't actually expect to defeat us, did you? We happen to be the mightiest in the universe!" Chilled turned his head to the mountains, he heard what sounded like a sneeze. He slowly decreased the distance between himself and the mountain and fired a Death Razor through the mountain, causing it to collapse. Vegeta stood there with his mouth wide open in fear, "Who the hell are you?" He calmed himself and regained his confidence. Lord Chilled rushed at him and hit him with a Ruthless Blow, "Death first. Questions later." The impact of the fist knocked Vegeta through several of the nearby mountains with a hole in his stomach. Yamcha attempted to get Bulma to safety, but the IceJin's tail and reached over and grabbed Bulma by the ankle, "Careful now.. One wrong move and I'll dislocate it..." Yamcha thought about it for a few seconds and let her go. Chilled shouted "Idiot!" as he pulled Bulma towards him, stabbing her with his horns. "Humans.. Weakened by emotions.."

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