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Mary Frey  Daily vlogger showing the ups and downs of everyday life with Cystic Fibrosis together with my husband @peterfreylife & service dog Oliver!


Oliver was gifted a subscription box...this is his 7th month, and as you can see, he enjoys each time that yellow box arrives for him! We say that they are very appropriately named @wigglebutt_box ! Haha! It makes my heart happy to see him so happy. As a working dog, he also gets plenty of play time! If you have questions about his life as a service dog, we have a video called video called service dog q and a. #thefreylife #freylifedog #wigglebuttbox #standardpoodle #offdutyservicedog #enjoyeverybreath

Just to make sure no one thinks our life (or faces) are "instagram perfect". Here's a shot from earlier today. Don't forget to have some fun, even if you're exhausted. Smile often. Laugh when you're able. And enjoy every breath! #thankful #marriage #enjoyeverybreath #ichoosejoy #thefreylife #reality

All the essentials- haha. But for real...if you are a CF patient...or if you need/love salt...you MUST try these chips/crackers. Peter got them for me and I fell in love. They are so salty!!! They won't cure my CF, but they sure do satisfy my salt cravings! Ps. On a CF side note- they don't even make my stomach hurt, so that's a major bonus ;) Have you found a super salty food that you love? Let me know! (I just realized you can't see the whole package- oops. These are called toasted chips) #thefreylife #cysticfibrosis #useeverybreath #enjoyeverybreath #salt #feedingtube #jtube #justdoit

I love this song Peter picked out for an event at church tonight. Here's a snippet of our practice time. I love the lyrics of this song! Sometimes all we can do is declare our need for Jesus! Ps. I really wanted to do a longer clip, but Instagram won't let me- check tomorrow's video for some funny behind the scenes #thefreylife #thankful #useeverybreath #enjoyeverybreath

I had some sweet and refreshing time with a dear friend and her baby cakes :) I'm thankful for life and breath and friends and babies! #thankful #thefreylife #standardpoodle #boopmynose #areasontosmile #ichoosejoy

This is kind of ironically perfect- I was planning to post this photo and talk about my "favorites" for today (feeding tube, sweet tea, and this piece of art)...but immediately after we took the picture, I realized how overwhelmed and frustrated I was feeling- sometimes people ask if I ever get tired of doing my therapy and medicines- YES! Today I had a nice little cry, and now I can say without a doubt, my favorite thing right now is my sign that Peter made me- I'm choosing the Joy of the Lord and It is indeed well with my soul. Getting out of the house for a short drive and seeing the stunning sky (amazing clouds) helped snap me out of it, and I've moved on with my day! #thankful #reality #cysticfibrosis #ichoosejoy #jtube #hypoglycemia #itiswellwithmysoul

Pharmacy date. Well, I call it a date- any minute we get together is a good one, in my opinion. The first 5 years of our marriage, Peter was a full time student and worked almost full time. Needless to say, we didn't get to spend a whole lot of time together, I think that's what makes these moments so special to us! I am thankful! #bestfriends #marriage #besthusbandever #freylifefamily #thefreylife #cysticfibrosis

Another Ollie picture because...why not? #thefreylife #standardpoodle #areasontosmile #freylifedog

Boop! Ollie nose to end the day. Nighty night! #thefreylife #boopmynose #standardpoodle #areasontosmile

And some days you kinda feel like you were hit by a truck - fever, headache and lots of coughing. During days like today, I tend to start feeing better in the late evening. The headache usually subsides, and my temp usually goes back to normal. So this is the time I'm starting to feel a bit better...and also the time I need to go start my therapy for the night. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! #thefreylife #cysticfibrosis #doingmybest #ichoosejoy #standardpoodle

To give you a better idea of what my feeding tube button looks like on the inside! #thefreylife #cysticfibrosis #feedingtube #jtube #gastroparesis #dowhatyougottado #ichoosejoy

Here's a picture from my first button change (3 months ago). The one on top was the Mic-key button that was placed during my Jtube surgery (during surgery they did a surgical j pouch- meaning they stapled a part of my Jejunum and created an internal pouch for my feeding tube). The bottom picture was my first Mini One button. They function the same, but I have chosen to stick with the Mini button because #1 is a bit slimmer and #2 it glows in the dark :) Do you have any questions about my feeding tube? I'll do my best to answer questions down below! #jtube #feedingtube #amtmini #mickeybutton #cysticfibrosis #thefreylife

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