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Mary Frey  Daily vlogger showing the ups and downs of everyday life with Cystic Fibrosis together with my husband @peterfreylife & service dog Oliver!


Thankful for friends (i was at their house for dinner) who understand and welcome me to lay down when my body says I need to. Also thankful for my Ollie boy. He says “I’ll hold you up when you cough and you hold my head for me” team work makes the dream work! #thefreylife #cysticfibrosis #standardpoodle #doingmybest #ichoosejoy

I don’t know them... actually, yes I do... and they make me laugh :) @peterfreylife @_thefreyguy_ #thefreylife #laugheveryday #enjoyeverybreath #areasontosmile

Sometimes I ponder deep things in life... and sometimes I ponder what it would be like if Oliver’s huge, floppy, lovable ears could defy gravity and stick straight up. I finally got a glimpse of what that might be like:) haha. Here is the bunny version of my giant poodle 🐰🐩 What made YOU smile today? #thefreylife #freylifedog #areasontosmile #standardpoodle #apricotstandardpoodle #apricotpoodle

IVIG (IntraVenous ImmunoGlobulin). It was recommended to me by my CF team and my immunology team as a potential treatment after some strange lab results. It was a bit out of the box for a CF patient, but it was definitely worth a try. Although we don’t know exactly how or why, it appears that IVIG has helped to stabilize my health... and so, I never miss a dose. Every three weeks, I set up camp in bed and infuse this liquid gold. I’m thankful for this medication/blood product that has brought some stability. It definitely doesn’t “fix” my body or cure my constant lung bacteria, but I’ll take what it has offered my body... a bit of stability. #thankful #cysticfibrosis #justdoit #ichoosejoy #thefreylife #immunodeficiency #port #powerport #IVIG

Just some throwback photos of Peter and I during our college/undergrad years, and one wedding photo. Although my years in college were challenging in many ways, I’m so thankful for that opportunity! #throwback #thefreylife #highschoolsweethearts #thankful #enjoyeverybreath #justdoit

In 2005, Peter Frey winked at me and made my heart skip a beat. I wouldn’t trade that feeling for the world. I’m so thankful that I get to keep him forever and ever. Walking through life with him is better than I could have dreamed. I am thankful for my husband who loves and serves Jesus with every ounce of his being. He is still the guy I fell in love with 13 years ago, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world!(ps this picture is from Christmas week 🎄) #thefreylife #marriage #highschoolsweethearts #thankful

My comblers have been combled (thanks to @eriantoinette for this awesome new way of using this made up word :) This is just a friendly, neighborhood reminder to fill up your pill cases (or comblers as I have named them). And while you’re dealing with all your pills, don’t forget to have a little dance break and make some funny faces ;) OH! Take a time lapse and tag me!!! We will start a new trend for sure ;) #cysticfibrosis #pills #justdoit #doingmybest #ichoosejoy #thefreylife #laugheveryday

This was Peter’s view yesterday during my chest X-ray at the hospital. I haven’t had any lung pain today, which I’m so thankful for!!! #cysticfibrosis #fightforit #justdoit #doingmybest #ichoosejoy #thefreylife #xray #lungs

Celebrating 7 years of marriage. We happen to be at the hospital today, but one of the things we decided many years ago, is that we are going be thankful for our time together, no matter our location! I am thankful for @peterfreylife!!! #thefreylife #marriage #anniversary #thankful #bestfriend #cysticfibrosis

Thought I’d make an official announcement... he is indeed a standard poodle ;) hehe. I made that sound all serious, didn’t I? Haha. But for real, yup, he’s just a plain ol standard poodle, nuthin else. And we love him exactly how he is. Quirks and all. #freylifedog #thefreylife #apricotstandardpoodle #standardpoodle #thankful #areasontosmile

Accepting what my reality is. I’m glad I soaked up the time I got to exercise yesterday, because this lung pain has me tied to the couch with a heating pad. Ouch! I’m having an X-ray on Monday to check out why I’ve had an increase in lung pain in the last couple of weeks. This is just a bit of REALITY. Sometimes your body says NO! #cysticfibrosis #ouch #dowhatyougottado #thefreylife #ichoosejoy

As I was exercising today I started to smile as I realized how thankful I am to be free of the needle in my chest(since getting my new port last year, my range of motion when I’m accessed has been an issue)! I never know how long it will be until I’ll need to be back on IVs, but while I’m needle free, I’m soaking up my time exercising! #cysticfibrosis #justdoit #thankful #yoga #workout

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