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Freya Wilcox & The Howl  Aussie-fronted rock'n'roll band from BK. Screaming about lying to lovers, sleeping with assholes and fighting for all the wrong things.

We playin a free show at @thedelancey tonight and we would really appreciate if you came and helped us teach CJ what "look super tough" means. 8pm sausages!
W/ @robbybloodshed @danger_sluts

Cus all y'all done hurt my feelings with your #pouzzafest pics, Ima let my bleeding heart loose on you at our show on Wednesday w/ @binaryheartny @gutlessband & Skantral Ska Hotel. @elcortezbushwick 7pm. C'mon.

My mum gave me my smile, she gave me my strength, she taught me to sing and to tell the truth even when it's ugly. She taught me to be myself and fuck anyone who doesn't like it. She taught me to have pride in my person and not to settle for a mediocre life. She told me I could go to New York one day and carve out my name, and I couldn't have done it without her. I've put her through the pain of childbirth so many times, and she's never given up on me. I love you ma, thanks for being exactly who you are. Happy Mother's Day!!! ❤️❤️❤️

THURSDAY NIGHT!! We're gon bust out our best moves (so mostly a lot of hair flipping and pelvic thrusting) cus we're playing with our actual best mates in @ohmysnare @coldwrecks & @greatwightofficial at @tendertrapbk. If you don't come you will miss out on a grand old time and if you do, you will definitely get laid*. Choice is yours. *Conditions apply

Tonight the beautiful and talented @ericaribou joins us on bass for the first time! Come see how fantastic she is at Legion Bar, 10pm.

Gunna be doing pretty much exactly this on Newtown Radio's @going_apeshit_ show tonight. 5-7pm tune in while I play some songs and then make them play songs that I like which incriminate me as everyone's dad. Guaranteed to make your commute better. K thx.
📸 @afcortes

Today my life long dream came true when I found a pair of chaps in a vintage store for $30 - consequently my band's dream of never having to share the stage with someone wearing chaps was crushed. Will almost definitely be wearing them to see @coldwrecks @goodlookingfriends and @nervous_dater tonight so that ALL of my friends can feel weird, but not as weird as if I wasn't wearing jeans. Count yo blessings.

Stand against sexual assault with us tonight in Brooklyn. We all know how I feel about this, I know how you should feel about it, come do something to help out.

We're playing @vehiclecityfest tonight to raise money for the Flint water crisis and we're really pumped to make new friends in a new town for a really important cause. Come say g'day!
📷 @ihatekendrasheetz

Hola Chicago, we're here to get weird. Come find out if we're actually gunna wear these masks during our set at @theburlingtonbar tonight. 💪💪💪

After 6 hours in the ER, getting a cool new bracelet and being relieved of some extra blood I was carrying around, we have the go ahead to finish the tour! Sorry to the hot doctor that had to deal with being hit on while trying to push my hernia back in and all of the staff that got to hear all of our very good jokes. Get the whole story at @brassrailfw tonight. Yesssssss!

Sorry Cincinnati, gunna swap playing rock'n'roll for chillin in the ER tn. Picked up a hernia in West Virginia, guess there are worse things to acquire in the mountains. On the upside our record is out so go listen to it to make me feel better about having some of my intestines sticking out of my ~killer~ abs.