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Grace  Of the McCants persuasion.

These are a few of my favorite things

29 layers for 29 years. Happy birthday, baby brother. You're almost old AF.
🎂: @embemble

(608) 241-5034

Shout out to 2012 when we slept on mattresses on the floor, drank too much to leave the crib and solidified part of our chosen family. #TBT 📷: by our fairy godmother and 🍔 provider, Judnick.

Let me start by saying how difficult it is for me to admit my shortcomings. BUT I value honesty, so here I go...
This year I came in full blown last place in our football picks league. To soften the blow, I received a $10 buy-in discount and this sick photo of my head photoshopped onto what I can only assume is the best stock photo ever created.

Shoutout to all the homies who made picks for me, @mikesweney for reminding me WEEKLY that I opted into a WEEKLY picks league and to all my fans.
Keep hope alive! I know I will.

V nice lace patterning.
#Details #🙀Power

Your daily dose of gnar.

She's not on vocal rest....just taking her finals fatigue out on her poor sister. And her poor sister is def not GTFO-ing OF NOWHERE!

My exit interview looks like these beautiful women.

The Hard Copy Map Chronicles: A Tale of Tourism

Micromanaging Big Dave's first selfie during the Golden Hour. 📷: @homuiwong

Scene I: "Will I accept this rose? Nah. This rose is mine."

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