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Struggling with Post-twilight overactive brain syndrome? 🌚Can't #sleep 😴❓Check out my top tips 🛁 on @netdoctor written by the medicinal journalist @becfletchh featuring my guided #bedtime #insomnia busting #mindfulness #meditation on @simbasleep 🛌💤 - link is in the bio 👆🏼 pop over to my website for info on sleep wellbeing #workshops more to come on @topsanteuk @psychologies_ @telegraph - watch this space! #balancemagazine #lifestylechanges #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #wellnesswednesday #wellness @triyogauk

Great evening @Lazard leading a #mindfulness for #worklife #stressrelief to the recent grads 🎓

So glad is raining ☔️ I was too shattered water the garden last night

How to sabotage your diet? Pop into Saïd London for this mouth watering chocolate delight with wonderfully enriching friends like @davemichaelmartin & Dave ha ha

Communion with Nature: Inhaling the good plant-based life force in my morning #yoga flow #happy #mondaymotivation #yoga4growthchallenge #yoga4growth #yogaeverydamnday

When procrastination turns into something beautiful! I was supposed to be working hard of tweaking my PhD proposal but made this instead! I think my mind and body needed a break. Maybe that's what's procrastination is: your mind and body telling you you're not quite ready for the task ahead. I still need help putting up the fairy lights and drilling the trellis to the wall though... anyone have a garden pagoda or water feature hanging around?

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