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krystal menez  Creative Lead & First Lady @digitalcliq. Lead with love, give only your best, and live with great intention. #plantbasedgang #freshnsteezydesign

Super excited about these barrel aged coffee beans by @mostracoffee in collaboration with @bottlelogicbrewing and @3sonsbrewingco! Honored to have been able to design this on behalf of @digitalcliq 😍 #digitalcliq #digitalcliqdesign #freshnsteezydesign #graphicdesign #coffee

Rarely get to do this anymore but damn it feels good. #freshnsteezydesign

Thank you, Seattle, @digitalcliq, @mostracoffee, and universe. It’s been a thrilling 24 hours!! 😍

March 2018 was a victory royale. #1secondeveryday

oh yeah i forgot to tell you guys we’re engaged... it’s been a month 😅🤷🏻‍♀️

36. It’s been such a beautiful journey. By this point I’ve shed my old skin and now living a more intentional life. I’m still constantly busy but I’ve come to realize that it is simply how this part of my journey is meant to be. This is the year that I learn how to accept happiness, how to stop self-sabotaging, and how to love myself. If I’m lucky to live double my age and I’ve come to my halfway point, I’d like to make sure that from here forward, I learn how to stop shaming myself for things that I would never judge others for, to find more time for me, and to start building for our future. And through it all, I just gotta remember... God’s got this.

Taken right before Jo Koy’s show at Irvine Improv. Thankful for my sister and her kidnapping me to spend the night laughing together. ❤️

A couple of years ago, @kriziamedenilla and I met with our good friend @randycgonzales. It started off as a conversation over lunch about the Filipino American community and how we’ve always found different ways to dip into various arenas within the community to help where we could.

One of the main things that’s always been a challenge (for anyone in any community) is how to help contribute talents while still being able to be sustainable financially. It’s easy enough to give, but to be able to find the perfect balance of give and take, is the real challenge. Randy’s calling manifested for him as an outlet to help others through traditional barongs, and soon after, @pineappleindm2m was born. By recreating the traditional barongs to be higher-quality, customizable, and made-to-measure for each person’s style, Pineapple Industries is Randy’s way to help Filipinos back home (creating more jobs) while keeping the Filipino tradition alive and well within the worldwide diaspora (everyone loves custom items), spreading knowledge and wisdom about the history and factoids about barongs (in conversation and online), and all while being able to help sustain himself without gouging clients.
These barongs are the most special pieces in my wardrobe because I know that each one has helped to provide jobs, is high quality, something that I chose for me, and is an important cultural piece that links back into Filipino history.
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Refreshed, happy, fulfilled, and loved. Waking up grateful and in our own bed after a whirlwind adventure with @drupacfurshur through the Philippines. Shangri-La Boracay is easily one of our favorite places in the world, but my very favorite place will always be by your side. I love you, Mr. Moon.

Looks relaxing right? I’m actually already thinking about work 😂😩😭 shout out @digitalcliq @djmikerawk @grrl4life @eyerecap for holding it down for us for the past couple of weeks. You guys are the shit. Also shout out to @drupacfurshur. You already know. Oh yeah, also shout out God and the Universe. I am not worthy of your grace but I am grateful for it. Life is good. Excited to continue serving my purpose and enjoying my journey. 💗

🇵🇭Just left Negros Occidental and sitting at Mactan Cebu Airport, reflecting on a great week spent with 3 of the most important people in my life in my favorite place on earth, my motherland. A little overwhelmed tbh. Thanking my ancestors and angels. My heart is happy. 💗

😍 Mag-Aso Falls in Kabankalan, Negros Occidental, Philippines. 😍 It’s been exactly 10 years since I made my first journey out here to my family’s home province and I’m still awestruck by how absolutely beautiful it is. I catch myself spacing out and admiring how green and alive everything is out here, reminding myself that when I’m non-stop working back in CA that I daydream about these views constantly. So grateful to be out here with @drupacfurshur for the 3rd time because I know how much he loves it out here too. Damn, I am seriously blessed. 🙏🏽

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