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A bunch of sock roses 🌹 #spontaneouscreation #flowerfootware #giftdecor

Paper Prototyping. I love to collect the bits afterwards and reflect on the process. There is always a journey. #papercraft #paperdesign

Crowned Hornbill posing on our umbrella this morning #extendedfamily #billythehornbill #crownedhornbill #krantzkloof

Progressing with the Puzzle Urn for the exhibition at Alliance Francaise at the end of the month. @umcebodesign #intellectualproperty2017

Puzzle Sparrow. My contribution to a collective work of tiles by local creatives for #intellectualproperty2017 #lovedoingpuzzlesdifferently #freestylepuzzle

Just arrived in Gauteng along with an IMPRESSIVE drum-rolling, bright flashing, thunder storm. ⛈ ⚡️⛈ ⚡️ ⛈

7 bridesmaids - 7 outfits to be created. That's my large and joyful WIP at the moment 😊

Flashes of Brilliant Green. This spotted bush snake 🐍 just dropped down while we were having our coffee break this morning. I feel a little more comfortable with our frequent bird visitors. His camouflage is so good that he has probably been around for a while, and we just hadn't noticed. #spottedbushsnake #kznwildlife

Working on a new project for Intellectual Property 2017 #paperpottery #puzzlepieces

Good Morning 🌤 Guests on our verandah today. #woolyneckstorks

The first water lily of the season. Right outside my bathroom door. (The lily leaves are an occasional platform for a full-volume croaking bullfrog)

Tie dye shirt and flower 🌺 garland ready for tonight's fun dinner.

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