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Trina Lo-Marketing/SocialMedia  We work with businesses to create personal and professional successes thru marketing planning & strategy design & social media management. #adrodeo

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Is it real or is it woo woo? All this Law of Attraction stuff make some people very uncomfortable. Forget the labels, forget what other people think of you. Just look around you, people who are happy optimistic and positive attract others like them you see it all the time. So does this matter in business? It absolutely does! Negative people in a business create nothing but problems. Negative owners who are nothing but stressed out don't help their businesses either. Just thinking positive doesn't do squat, just to be clear. It's keeping an optimistic, positive frame of mind and taking massive action that will turn your business around. Well work isn't everything, when you're an owner your business is your baby in it hugely contributes to your life. So focus on how to stay positive. find a way to pick yourself up off the floor when you're feeling down, building network of support you can rely on when you are down. #Optimistic #positive #pickyourselfup #pickypirselfupandtryagain #thesecret

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Art is all about what you like. I'm always fascinated by how graffiti artisist work in such large scales! I can only draw on paper and computer screens!

I'm in love with @MatadorPizza

I know how to fail. And I know how to succeed. They truly are the seesaw of businesses!

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