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The Fresh Chai Co.  FRESH CHAI = whole spices + ginger + long leaf tea + soaked in raw honey... 100% ORGANIC... FAIRTRADE... LOCAL... HAND CRAFTED


We mucked up the name on our 'caffeine free chai' first time round and called it 'children's blend'. Some people didn't get it and some did. What we were trying to say was that if you put a pot of chai on it can be enjoyed by all (toddlers to grandparents). Its a nice one to share.

Here's one of our handmade (by me :) stands from old fence pailings. We have a growing number of very lovely and friendly stockists and cafes running our chai and loving it which is awesome. This pic is from the best cafe for chai in Benalla Victoria @rustik_cafe_winebar

Here's the original packet concept I sent @junocreative I still like the organic feel of it but they did a nice job transforming it into our current one.

Woohoo! We are at our first trade show at the Naturally Good expo in Sydney. We got the word thru one of our stockists 2 days ago that it was on and busted it to be here.

I'm a sucker for a good chai pun. Nice work! @luciennerickard

One of our concept sketches for children's blend chai (now the caffeine free blend).

We want to take chai up a notch or three. Our caffeine free blend has long cut rooibos herbal tea with freshly milled whole spices, it is then soaked it in whole vanilla infused honey. It's perfect for family chai sessions or afternoon chai-ing. I tend to throw a little chai dust on just about anything to finish things off as it takes things up a notch with taste and appeal (coconut sugar with freshly milled spices).

Happy Easter lovers of chocolate. Have you tried our chocolate chai? It's a lot of peoples favourite. We use raw cocao nibs and husks from a biodynamic farm in the Daintree. We mix these with freshly milled whole chai spices and long leaf assam tea and then long soak in vanilla infused raw honey. It's a winning combo!


Caffeine is best in moderation, but why?

1. BLOCKS “TIREDNESS” RECEPTORS IN YOUR BRAIN, this causes your nervous system to be more stimulated and increases adrenaline in your body (fight or flight mode). So even though your tired, you don’t feel it and your body gets ramped up making digestion and other rest and repair functions wait in line.

2. DIURETIC, makes you urinate more causing dehydration.

3. IS ADDICTIVE, or ‘habit forming’
However its not all bad news, chai has ¼ to 1/3 the amount of caffeine compared to coffee. We also blend two caffeine free chais made on rooibos herbal tea (our ‘Caffeine Free Chai ’and our ‘Golden Turmeric Chai). Limiting caffeine or having a break from it every now and then is good for your adrenal system (fight or flight mode).

I custom make chai stands for every stockist. I enjoy making each one to suit each cafe and love using recycled materials. This ones my favorite to date. A big chai welcome to Lindy and her lovely staff at @satori_organics in Sandgate. These guys are all about quality, local and organic. #freshchai #madewithlove #chai #shabbychic #brisbanecafe

We use our Chai Dust (spiced coconut sugar) for all kinds of yummy things in our kitchen. Here's a great banana cake recipe we love with chai dust in and over it, its gluten & dairy free too! Recipe is on our Facebook page.

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