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Fresco  Craft Chocolate Makers

Found a new spot in Bellingham for drinking chocolate. Nice presentation!

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A “dark” roast Peru Marañón 70% chocolate batch started grinding today. The dark roast nibs have an amazing coffee aroma during the first few hours of stone grinding. Bars will be ready in about a week 🍫

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A few bags of cocoa arrived this week from Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Another delivery from Madagascar is due today. We clean and store our cocoa in 55 gallon drums ready for roasting. Keeping raw cocoa dry and cool helps avoid many problems.

Well, this is not a chocolate related post except that our home flooring project is keeping us away from the chocolate shop more than we like. Orders are going out most days however. If you’re waiting for chocolate, thanks for understanding.

Visited our friends from @evolvechocolate today at our local Bellingham farmers market. A lovely sipping chocolate was had by all. Also love the fresh penne from @bellinghampasta.
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A few bags of Madagascar arrived this week. Cleaned cocoa is stored in 55 gallon bins ready for roasting.

Amy’s on a North Carolina getaway with friends this weekend. Two must visit spots in Raleigh are @escazuchocolates and @viderichocolate. Love the pic of our friend Danielle showing off Escazu’s antique cocoa roaster.

Thanks for the yummy after concert dessert Chocolate Necessities. It's always fun to see #frescochocolate bars on the shelf.
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Amy is attending this seminar today. Hoping to make #freshchocolate a little better place. I have great respect for #disneyinstitute and the principles inside.
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Tonight we start our first batch of chocolate from #marañon 2017 harvest beans. The aroma of grinding cocoa nibs speaks worlds of flavor and is already so different from prior harvest seasons. Stand by for something pretty exiting.
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Support your local chocolate maker! When in the Portland airport I always stop by the Made in Oregon store to pickup some chocolate made locally. This one is made by our friend Jeff at Lillie Belle Farms. @lilliebelle541

Found one lonely bag off nib brittle from last fall hiding on a shelf. It’s more like nib nougat than brittle, but still pretty tasty.

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