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Sarah  Nature ridden.

Feeding the neighborhood rabbit. Yes some1 round here lets this lil guy roam... im glad cuz i get to feed him... i think they like kale better tho- last time he dug it!

Came into my room and saw this insect duo (moth & a mosquito hawk) jus chillin on the wall like theyre homies. Loving nature and the #friendships it offers.

Was feeling crappy last night til this morning. So i meditated and felt like flipping my attitude!... this vid will also inspire me to better my flips and body- wait n see! #goodassprana

Mmmm when i look at this picture of a Tesla coil i feel instantly overcome with positive vibrations... i hope u do too. Frequency. Energy. Vibrations

Im jealous of her vegan appetite.
#reptilesarefriends #iguanas #vegan #grubbing #lizardsarecute

Ahhhh.... wouldnt it be nice if some friendly giant lifted us in his gentle hands and we could see for miles from way up high
#nature #lizards #reptiles #chillin #picoftheday

How beautiful nature can be... this little determined bush of flowers grew in between a rock and a hard place... it is now a beautiful garden for the ants.

Getting her Vibrant Energy #iguana, #healingcrystals

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