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Frequency11  Just a W3IRDO in this universe with a massive fountain of ❤️. A ball of energy here 2 vibrate at the highest frequency possible. ☮❤️TRUTH🕉FREEDOM

Thank You & @theellenshow Bighead this is crazy!! Love it!! @iamjamiefoxx RepostBy @iamjamiefoxx: "@theellenshow thank u a billion!! #sagittarius time"

Last Year's message still applies.. I LOVE YOU BIGHEAD!! @iamjamiefoxx

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my DaddyBrother @iamjamiefoxx I LOVE YOU! I know you're working. I'll be to you soon!!! Sending you LOVE on your day!!

When will it stop? I remember being bullied a lot because of my skin color as a little girl growing up in Dallas,Tx. I would tell my teachers and they wouldn't do anything about it. I took things into my own hands and ended up fighting often. Bullying can take a huge toll on your self esteem as a kid. I'm so grateful I was able to overcome it man. This story is so disheartening. I am just at a loss for words.


Ok this just got me!! DAM!!😭 Back to my cocoon.

My Mood all day!! Happy New Moon!! Repost @chopdaily: "#ChopDaily #sistergirlchallenge
💃🏾: @patiencegop @ryanjosiah_ @arbengiga
🎵: Juls x Wande Coal - Sister Girl @julsbaby_ @wandecoal
Choreographer: @patiencegop
🎥: @beenjamminent

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I swear I can't stay away from it. My stove says 11:11

MOOD ALL DAY!! Always so SMOOTH, SEXY and ON POINT! #flawless @delacyn
Repost @julsbaby_: "“Like water 💦 “ - Too smooth!! @delacyn killing it!! 🎥 @twincitytv || “Sister Girl” featuring @wandecoal our now! Link in my bio"

MOOD all day!!! A day of my favorite @julsbaby_ Repost @julsbaby_: "Aboooosigiiiiiiiii !!! Dancers going crazy already!!! The dope dancers with the sick choreography and moves get chosen for the official video!! #sistergirlchallenge"

Somebody needed to hear this!! I know I did.
Repost @prestonsmiles: "This is legit how I talk to myself!🙌🏾🧠🐝 Full video on YouTube. As always, LINK in BIO. And TAG a friend who would dig this message.
p.s. you know it’s gonna be a powerful transmission when there’s sun rays coming from my third eye at the beginning 👁⚡️🙋🏾‍♂️#iamweare #lovesvoice"

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Setting Intentions Mode. I'm so glad this New Moon is here!! I've been struggling!!..
The New Moon occurs in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius and represents a new beginning. It’s a time when we can focus on some of the constructive traits of the sign of the Archer – optimistic, enthusiastic, adventurous, honest, outspoken, independent – and consider how to positively incorporate these qualities into our lives. Now, we can focus on goals that will increase our understanding and awareness, give us the courage to expand our horizons, and gain confidence and optimism from a broader perspective. We can too easily get lost in the details of mundane existence. With this potent Sagittarius energy, we can find ways to transcend these details of day-to-day life and nurture our faith, hope, and vision. NEW MOON is always the lunar portal offering us a psychological death & rebirth. It’s like the reboot time of the month. So if you’re feeling exhausted as we come to the end of another calendar year, consider shutting down & resting idle for a bit before powering up for another lunar month at the end of this week. Stop pushing & allow your true destiny to find you.
New Moon is the most feminine time of the month. So if you haven’t given yourself enough time to rest & reflect, nurture yourself, connect with your feelings & express your soul through art new moon will be more challenging. This is because new moon (or rather dark moon, the 3 days before, during & after new moon) are when we will really feel the state of our inner feminine. So address any imbalances to nourish yourself now if you want to avoid bigger catalysts such as adrenal fatigue, nervous exhaustion, physical illness or emotional overwhelm.🙏🏾☮️💜🥋🎨🙅🏾‍♀️

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