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Frequency11  Just a W3IRDO in this universe with a massive fountain of ❤️. A ball of energy here 2 vibrate at the highest frequency possible. ☮❤️TRUTH🕉FREEDOM

Ok can we talk about this Drop Dead Red Matte on my big ole lips though. Thank You Kelly (My Fairy Goddess Mother)💋

Trying to hide from the burning sun. #Setlife

THIS!! #Hilariousbuttrue 😜🤪😝

Is anybody else feeling this?


Me stepping into my POWER!! It's about to be a Problem! TRUST ME!! #Lightworker #Firebreather #W3IRD

It's things like this that pulls on my heart's strings. This definitely made me cry about the joy in this little boy's voice at his accomplishment. We complain about soo much & take so much for granted. "Adorable kid shows his dog that he’s walking".

Ok... I know I said I was going to do better however, for some reason I feel more under pressure than ever.🙈🤦🏾‍♀️

If you're looking for me, meet me here. #FORREALM #Transitioning

I know my bday was on the 1st, so this is a little late. I want to Thank everyone for the Birthday wishes. This little women is officially 41 years old!! I am meeting this new transition head on. I am so OPEN to receive everything God has for me. Lord I Surrender!! Although, I'm terrified, I am also like LET'S FUCKING GET IT!! I AM STEPPING INTO ALL OF MY POWER!! #ninjastyle OMG it's a BEAUTIFUL thing!!🙈🥋🙏🏾☮️


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