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Frenchmelle  Unknown woman from 🗼

Some changes in frenchmelle's world, the beginning of a new adventure. My website is finally online ( Only in French for the moment but I'm currently working on the English version. I let you discover it but please be indulgent, it's the first time for me. I also want to change  the content  I will post on my instagram. Soon it will be 4 years that I share sexy photos and videos for free. And as all good things come to an end you'll now have to pay to see that kind of content. I started a 2nd onlyfans for 5$ , it's the minimal price that one could ask on that platform.  It will help me to discard all those who "don't pay for this kind of things". Some people are experts in asking. Ask for your time, ask for your content ask for more and more thing but they don't want to give anything. I call them rats. They are very motivated as long as they have nothing to do and they love to take as much as they can without giving anything. This mindset don't click with my values ​​and I hope  you'll understand my wish to get rid of these people. If you love Frenchmelle and want to show support you now have options, i think the price is affordable comparing to the content i provide. And of course my 1st onlyfans (hardcore) is still available and I will stay active on instagram, but the content will be a little different. I apologize in advance to all those who can't subscribe, you are the collateral victims of this reform but i'll do my best to please you from time to time. And big thank you to all my suscribers and donators, without you there is no Frenchmelle.

It's all about LOVE 💋

Have fun. 😄

Il est important de ne pas trop se prendre au serieux dans cet instagame. Je pense que l'auto dérision est une preuve d'intelligence. Il ne sert a rien de trop se soucier de l'image que l'on renvoie aux gens car il est impossible de faire l'unanimité. Soyez vous meme, n'oubliez pas de vous amuser et de sourire a la vie, et ne tuez jamais l'enfant en vous. A trop vouloir jouer à l'adulte on finit par vivre une vie ennuyeuse et sans saveur. AMUSEZ VOUS

Swipe left to see me shake my tail 🐶🐶🐶

Il n'y a de stars que dans le ciel, ceux qui savent lire entre les lignes savent bien que cacher mon visage était le meilleur moyen de garder les pieds sur terre. Je ne me cache pas, je me préserve...

Frenchmelle challenge episode 2.

The cold freezes my bones and my hands are numb as I walk looking for people in need. An "ideal" environment to walk in the shoes of these people who live in these conditions all winter. I replaced my episode 1 food bags with a distribution of 50 euros notes. I saw videos showing the emotions that could provoke this kind of initiatives but live it in real is so much stronger. An experience I won't forget. A lesson of humility and on how lucky i am to be privileged. The tears of joy and the hugs I received will remain engraved in my heart forever. Exchanging with these persons allowed me to come up with a very important notion. They suffer from precariousness, hunger and cold, but also from loneliness and everyone can help with that. A smile, a hello or take few minutes from our time to talk with them will sometimes make them as happy as a bank note. Talking warms the heart and allows one to forget the misery during a discussion. It's hard to sum up a whole day in 45 seconds but I hope this little film will give you the strength to do your part. We can change the world with little things. And the purpose of the maneuver is not to attract me any sympathy or to make the buzz, all this is much bigger than frenchmelle or the girl behind the mask.

I wanted to thank the donators, you allowed me to do more. Thank you for them. Then I would like to thank the team that accompanies me. You help me a lot. No need to say more, you already know. And finally thank you my followers, the team frenchmelle, you gave me strength with all your love and I hope you are proud of the evolution of the project.

It's all about Love ❤

A new world.

I started to change things in my life few weeks ago, many talk to me about the new Frenchmelle and I must tell that this is perhaps the craziest experience that has ever happened to me in my life. The evidence is accumulating and I am certain of one thing now: in life, we only have what we deserve. Everything change around me but change to good. I never have been so happy. People are replaced and everything I thought I had lost in the old world I found it in the new, but bigger, stronger, and more real. I stop my race to followers ? I have a quality fanbase now,  thanks to the frenchmelle familly. You  worth 10 Millions by your messages and the love you send me. I decide to put a little more humanity in my business and use my "notoriety" to do good things ? My sales has never been so good. I choose to surround myself with good people only,  who share my values ? New people are entering my life taking the place of the old ones, all so unique and extraordinary.
Do I need to say more ?
We attract what we are and I want to tell you that it's POSSIBLE, yes it's possible to succeed to be sexy and sell his image without having to play the moron , it's possible to be very surrounded without having to play the hypocrite and to be good to people without expecting anything in return.
Sometimes some people from the old world will come back to you. As further proof of why you left this ship but also a confirmation that you will certainly never sail with them again. My only answer to these people will be that for a bird who lived all his life in a cage, flying is a disease. Grant me the right to fly, here the sky is bluer, the air is purer and the relations healthier...

Pleasures <Happiness.

Too many people confuse pleasure and happiness while these two notions are so different. Pleasures are instinctive, material and solitary, they lead to addiction and are short-lived but happiness is spiritual and directly related to our social interactions, the place we occupy in the world and it's a lasting feeling. This society want us to believe that pleasures are the key to happiness, but don't be fooled.  You can be popular on social networks but have zero true friends in the real world for example. Just like spending a lot of money to impress your "friends" will not make you more interesting to them. The day you can not spend  anymore, you'll end up alone. Your main goal should be to build happiness instead of accumulating small pleasures or you will end up depressing like these people who only feel alive when they buy things or who can only have fun when they are on drugs. They are dead inside but still have many years to live.
Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success... The second picture comes from @powers.of.knowledge

Failure is the key.

If I can give you one piece of advice to succeed, it's the following one: Fail, miss, lose. Yes you read me well. Failure is salvating. If you succeed in everything you try it means you are not taking enough risks. You play it too safe. I learned a lot more in my defeats than in my victories. And I owe a lot to all the people who told me no or who refused to help me. They allowed me to learn how to manage and find solutions by myself. Avoid shortcuts and take the longest path, the one strewn with pitfalls. This is where you can acquire the knowledge and experience that will serve you once at the top. Of course sometimes we have no choice, education and the lifestyle makes the path is easy, the path is all drawn. Again, do not feel guilty about being what you are, a privileged person. Take the time to look at what's happening "downstairs" and stay connected to their reality. If you have heart you'll be accepted in all social circles. And remember if you learn from defeat you haven't really lost.

Who is the man and who is the monster ?

Some wisdom from a "monster" Herman Munster. "The lesson i want you to learn is you can be tall or short or fat or thin, ugly or handsome like your father, you can be black or yellow or white, it doesnt matter. What does matter is the size of your heart and the strength of your character " ❤❤❤. This is exactly how i classify human beings. I only have time and respect for people of heart and character. Does that makes me a monster ? If it does then i prefer to live and die as a monster...

Be original

Many ask me my definition of originality. For me it's the ability to be yourself without imitating anyone. Having your own touch. Of course to be original you must have good things within,  have  ideas, and be interesting. Many people create a character or try to imitate "fashionable" people because they have nothing to offer. It's better then to work on who you are. I am original because I inspire, but I do it my way. I sometimes wonder how long it would take if frenchmelle disappeared before seeing girls wearing masks and using gimmicks like "the love is real" or "catch me if you can". I take this opportunity to explain the difference between inspiration and copying, it is very simple. The person who takes inspiration uses his brain to appropriate an idea and modify it in his own way. The copier does the same thing like an idiot. So if you can, try to create and put from your universe in your work. My target are hearts and even if  I have been told that i shouldn't speak about myself or write captions here because the wining formula is "they come, they wank and that's it", i stayed faithful to what i wanted and what i am. That makes me someone original.  Thanks to you my followers to proove me that i was right. I am more than a body and you followed me in that way. Do not be ashamed of who you are in order to be loved by people, or you will be surrounded by the wrong people in the end. Be yourself and the rest will follow...

If you never been at the bottom: broke, hopeless, homeless, starving, or betrayed... you WON'T understand me
Are you ready for the frenchmelle challenge part 2 ? 🕵️‍♀️🗼

Instagram vs Reality

J'ai très vite compris que mon salut se trouverait loin de toutes ces courses: courses aux diplomes, courses aux bien matériels, course a la popularité, course a l'argent. De mauvais objectifs quand on sait que la seule course qui importe est celle que nous n'avons absolument aucune chance de gagner: la course contre le temps. Profitez des  vrais choses, eteignez votre télévision, coupez votre telephone et profitez de la vie. Faites le bien autour de vous et entourez vous des bonnes personnes car la vie est courte.  Ne vous laissez pas abuser par mon instagram. Ma vie en dehors des reseaux sociaux est milles fois plus riche, pleine de vrais amitiés, de longue conversations qui durent toute la nuit, de party completement folles, un bonheur qui n'a absolument rien a voir avec une quelconques popularité ou d'argent sur mon compte en banque. Mon instagram n'est qu'un plus et je ferai mon possible pour l'harmoniser de plus en plus avec mon quotidien.

Big booty problem n °7
When the blessing turns into a nightmare.

You might think it's a blessing, a 108-centimeter buttock but its not all a dream. I would lie if I say that there were only good sides. Of course its good to be known and recognized for my buttocks today. And even before frenchmelle, my buttocks made me "famous" in my neighborhood, and I never had problem to seduce the boys I wanted. But a coin always has two sides. This booty that you love so much, caused me a lot of torment sometimes. It attracted bad people too and some hands, for years,  explored my body against my will, the hands of an adult who had nothing to do on the body of a teenager, I still happen to feel them on me some nights...
My point is to bring a different view on a society  where everyone exposes their buttocks and where each girl is the booty queen of his kingdom. Having a nice ass also has some disadvantages. For example, depending on the country where I find myself, the nice compliments i receive in the street can be turned into inappropriate remarks or threatening ones. Frenchmelle is well surrounded so everything is fine but I think it'ss good to mention the other side of the mirror. Of course no woman is responsible of beeing harrashed or assaulted but it's so rare to see what's under the wonderfull fake world of instagram that i wanted to bring my truth and share my experience with humility and honesty.