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Be original

Many ask me my definition of originality. For me it's the ability to be yourself without imitating anyone. Having your own touch. Of course to be original you must have good things within,  have  ideas, and be interesting. Many people create a character or try to imitate "fashionable" people because they have nothing to offer. It's better then to work on who you are. I am original because I inspire, but I do it my way. I sometimes wonder how long it would take if frenchmelle disappeared before seeing girls wearing masks and using gimmicks like "the love is real" or "catch me if you can". I take this opportunity to explain the difference between inspiration and copying, it is very simple. The person who takes inspiration uses his brain to appropriate an idea and modify it in his own way. The copier does the same thing like an idiot. So if you can, try to create and put from your universe in your work. My target are hearts and even if  I have been told that i shouldn't speak about myself or write captions here because the wining formula is "they come, they wank and that's it", i stayed faithful to what i wanted and what i am. That makes me someone original.  Thanks to you my followers to proove me that i was right. I am more than a body and you followed me in that way. Do not be ashamed of who you are in order to be loved by people, or you will be surrounded by the wrong people in the end. Be yourself and the rest will follow...

If you never been at the bottom: broke, hopeless, homeless, starving, or betrayed... you WON'T understand me
Are you ready for the frenchmelle challenge part 2 ? 🕵️‍♀️🗼

Instagram vs Reality

J'ai très vite compris que mon salut se trouverait loin de toutes ces courses: courses aux diplomes, courses aux bien matériels, course a la popularité, course a l'argent. De mauvais objectifs quand on sait que la seule course qui importe est celle que nous n'avons absolument aucune chance de gagner: la course contre le temps. Profitez des  vrais choses, eteignez votre télévision, coupez votre telephone et profitez de la vie. Faites le bien autour de vous et entourez vous des bonnes personnes car la vie est courte.  Ne vous laissez pas abuser par mon instagram. Ma vie en dehors des reseaux sociaux est milles fois plus riche, pleine de vrais amitiés, de longue conversations qui durent toute la nuit, de party completement folles, un bonheur qui n'a absolument rien a voir avec une quelconques popularité ou d'argent sur mon compte en banque. Mon instagram n'est qu'un plus et je ferai mon possible pour l'harmoniser de plus en plus avec mon quotidien.

Big booty problem n °7
When the blessing turns into a nightmare.

You might think it's a blessing, a 108-centimeter buttock but its not all a dream. I would lie if I say that there were only good sides. Of course its good to be known and recognized for my buttocks today. And even before frenchmelle, my buttocks made me "famous" in my neighborhood, and I never had problem to seduce the boys I wanted. But a coin always has two sides. This booty that you love so much, caused me a lot of torment sometimes. It attracted bad people too and some hands, for years,  explored my body against my will, the hands of an adult who had nothing to do on the body of a teenager, I still happen to feel them on me some nights...
My point is to bring a different view on a society  where everyone exposes their buttocks and where each girl is the booty queen of his kingdom. Having a nice ass also has some disadvantages. For example, depending on the country where I find myself, the nice compliments i receive in the street can be turned into inappropriate remarks or threatening ones. Frenchmelle is well surrounded so everything is fine but I think it'ss good to mention the other side of the mirror. Of course no woman is responsible of beeing harrashed or assaulted but it's so rare to see what's under the wonderfull fake world of instagram that i wanted to bring my truth and share my experience with humility and honesty.

I'm very proud of the approval I receive all over the world by people from different nationalities, ethnicities or religions. If this instagram can continue to be a space where everybody coexists, I will be the happiest. I had the chance to travel a lot and to live in different environments. I have "family"  from all races and all communities, and that makes me very rich. I am a very open-minded woman because of that and what I understood is that the scale of values ​​is the only thing that can get me away from someone. I do not look at race, sexual orientation or religion. Frenchmelle belongs to everyone except racists, dishonest people, liars ,sexist or hateful people. I you have a pure heart, i fuck with you ❤

Merci pour le cadeau @famousfrenchfeet , une page qui gagne a être connue et un administrateur vraiment sympa. Acheteriez vous des t-shirts Frenchmelle si j'en mettais a disposition ?

Une semaine déja depuis mon frenchmelle challenge et tellement de choses a dire. Je n'aurais jamais cru tout ca possible. Des temoignages touchants et des donations pour le 2eme episode, je ne suis pas seule dans cette aventure. Le bien attire le bien et je peux aujourd'hui l'affirmer: j'ai des followers très speciaux, originaux, genereux, en qui je me retrouve. Certains auraient pu croire qu'une fille qui s'affiche en lingerie n'a absolument rien a voir avec des sujets plus serieux, mais vous m'avez aider a leur prouver que pour faire le bien, il n'y a pas de pré-requis. Ce sentiment de satisfaction et de plénitude n'a aucun égal. J'ai la sensation que j'ai enfin trouver la sphère a laquelle j'appartient: les gens de coeur. Nourrie par votre force, bientot j'aurai oublié qui sont les autres. Cette experience m'aura permis de me servir de ma "notoriete" pour quelque chose d'utile. Permis aussi d'harmoniser le personnage de frenchmelle et la fille derrière le masque. Et ce n'est que le début...


It's the image that one makes of his own person. Low self-esteem will make our life choices always bad. Many people here ask me how to manage their self-confidence problem and I think that self-esteem is a key element. Self esteem is linked with our values and  values ​​play a very important role in our lives. But everyone has a hierarchy of values ​​of their own and I will come back to this point later. There are two ways to flatter one's ego: the approval of others and self-satisfaction. We have very little influence on the love that people have for us, but we are the master of the love we feel for ourselves. The key to success is to do what we think is good for ourselves, to fulfill our values. We must do what is good for our own person. When you go to bed at night, does your day make you proud? If so, you are on the right track. But beware there is still a trap ... If you are satisfied by having done useless things you will have the approval of useless people and you are already dead but you don't know it yet. Why do so many celebrities depress, or so many "successful" people feels so empty inside ? They gather all the elements to be loved and accepted by others (money, celebrity, power ...). But they are not happy because they miss the essential: the self-esteem. If you feel that something is missing in your life, that you can't move forward and that you feel bad, look no further. You must increase your esteem. And it's about being in agreement with your values.  Mine are very simple and maybe my instagram has returned a false image of me. Honesty, respect, sharing, forgiveness and courage are the values ​​I believe in. Because of that i live a very healthy life and i'm surrounded by good persons...

Happy new year !!!! May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of Love. If i can wish you one thing, it's to love. Love women, love men, love children, love the rich, love the  poor, love black, love white, love brown, love yellow, love red, love other religions, love atheist, love Animals, love the creators, love the uninspired, love your haters, love your supporters,
Love gastronomy, love junk food, love pineaples on pizza, love people who are different, love your body, love skinny, love curves, love beautiful, love fake, love natural, love copycats, love original, love famous, love unknown, love life, love yourself, love Frenchmelle, love this video, love 2019. It's all about LOVE ❤

They say french accent is sexy 🤷‍♀️

Thanks for 2018, let's make 2019 an original year.
It has been a very special year, grateful for the good and the bad moments...

Mon frenchmelle challenge.

Quand on a une vie meilleure que les autres, on construit une table plus longue pas une cloture plus haute... Il ne s'agit pas la de me montrer ou de prétendre etre meilleure que les autres. J'aimerai juste montrer autre chose et montrer un peu plus de ce qu'est ma vie hors instagram. Je n'ai pas attendu d'être frenchmelle pour donner de mon temps et de mon argent et si j'avais un challenge a lancer ce serait celui la. Quelques sandwichs et des aliments dans un sac a distribuer  a des gens dans le besoin. C'est simple et tout le monde peut le faire. Je reorganiserai ce genre d'évenements, pourquoi pas avec quelques followers... It's all about ❤

What's support ?

Showing support is something important but how can you support frenchmelle ? First the love i receive is my best reward, i take risks sometimes saying things that can hurt peoples feelings but your feedbacks full of good vibes push me to continue. Then comes the financial part... I have a private website and i do business here but i can say i'm not here begging everyday for your money. I have been in different kind of business and i dont limit my game to one hustle but i'm very proud and happy to earn a living doing what i want here on instagram. Many girls here are struggling and i realise the privilege i have. I do my best to please my followers and they give back. If you love what i do and you support me thank you. I received a lots of gifts from my followers (computer, louboutins, lingery and much more). And i have to say that most of these donators refused when i wanted to give them something back. In my opinion that's the most important point. They give because they love. Soon my next mask will be paid and it warms my heart to know i can count on your help. And i would like to add that it's normal for me to pay for an artist i love even if i can have it for free on the internet. I'm sometimes shocked by answers i receive here. I won't judge as everyone is free to do what they want but i would like to thank all my contributors, suscribers and customers. Because of you frenchmelle continues to exists and as life is a circle i know you'll get things in return. Karma is a sweet things for good people. 💖

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