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Lindsay Genereux  Nurse nerd by trade 🤓. Shoes, lipstick, mascara and champagne by favs🍾 👠💄"ok, here's the thing!" moments by passion 💁🏼

Dreaming of warm sunshine, patio dining and a crisp rosé. The only crisp I'm getting today is rain that wants to be snow on this #ʜᴜᴍᴘᴅᴀʏ

Rosè all day (and night)

And so the sun rises on another day. We rejoice and be glad for this is the day that the Lord has made. Returning back to reality after a blissful vacation across the iconic southwest hasn't been the easiest this week, especially as I stare out my window at a gray sky and contemplate a string of what feels like unfair circumstances in our lives. But looking back through our vacation photos I am reminded of 1) how fortunate we are to experience this life and this world 2) when one door closes another (better) one opens and 3) the camera was seriously the greatest invention ever. 📷🌄🙌🏼

Bésame ❤️

"A single glass of champagne imparts a feeling of exhilaration. The nerves are braced; the imagination is stirred; the wits become more nimble." Winston Churchill

For our traditional Monday girls night we celebrated the traditional Passover dinner. I'll admit, I have never celebrated the Passover dinner, though I have read the biblical account countless times. This was by far the best celebration and reminder of Israel's deliverance from Egypt and God's promise that I have ever experienced. Thank you @msellegriffin for creating such an amazing celebration!

His passion, drive, success, knowledge, support and encouragement make me a better woman. You are a force and I love you @andrew___b___

"The best kinds of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other and think the other deserves the world" -unknown
Happy international women's day to #mytribe who's exemplary lives inspire and motivate me on the daily. And to all women, as my dance teacher @mekadayz said tonight, "let your inner goddess shine!" You are a powerful force in this world 🌎 ❤️

Sunday mornings ☕️🖤☕️

He loves me through thick and thin ❤️❤️😂😂 #sumo #fatpants #butatleastiwaswarm #myvalentine

Lessons from a #yurtlife weekend: 1) There's no such thing as too many bags of wine. 2) foot chemical peels two days prior are a bad idea 3) top heavy packs are also a bad idea, you will fall over several times 4) the stars are mesmerizing 5) rationing wine puts friendships to the test 5) a yurt weekend with some of your best friends makes for one of the BEST weekend getaways

Red heels and faux fur 👠

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