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Michelle Wilhelmina Minnick  fruity space witch 🍌✩

No sleep face

Awkward nymph witch

My lucky shirt helped me pass my finals for ugly summer school. I deserve comfort food。・:*:・゚☆🔭

Eventful and successful day

Go away depression. It's Leo season.

Jax is a Scorpio so I guess we're pretty compatible ❤️

High school Ant is so cute

Ant on film by, me

Very Important Announcement!
This baby girl needs a nice indoor cat loving home! I have made an appointment to get her spayed plus all necessary shots and checkups that -I will pay for- However, she is currently available either way rn (if you're interested in future kittens) We're in the Tampa area! 💌
My family and I rescued this baby from an abusive household that left her on the streets. She is an extremely affectionate cat. For the first few days, she would flinch and not fully trust us. After just one week, she loves being picked up and will let you pet her endlessly. She doesn't shed. Long haired kitten. She is very obedient. She currently responds to Lilly. If you are interested in her or know of anyone who might be, please message me! 💌
Unfortunately, I can not keep her. My house is not the best environment for her; dogs and people are constantly in and out of my home that can not coexist with her. I grew up with hundreds of stray cats in my neighborhood, but Lilly was far too dependent on people to adapt to life on the streets. She kept crying at our windows and doors. Her stomach was caved in when we found her, now she's fatter and healthier.
Please give Lilly a home. She deserves and needs a patient animal lover. 💌

Patiently waiting for a massive superluminous super nova to demolish our earth at any minute. Make sure it takes me out, larger than ASASSN-15lh that murdered hundreds of galaxies in 2015. Maybe a dark lord will finally find our solar system and show us true world domination.
I'll be burned to the crisp, but find my soul in a vampire star. Just as she sucks and absorbs gas and hydrogen from her puny white dwarfs; I'll be absorbing my revenge.
-love, me c:

Witch on film


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