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Healthy lifestyle attempt #58

#healthyfood #diet #food #healthyeating

(still have a C in the class) 3 more semesters left 😭

All spring break, I was on my bed watching YouTube videos. But I at least did something in the last day. My best friend, brother and I went shopping, and watched black panther! They rewatched it but it was new to me. And well, I want to watch it again.... and again #blackgirlmagic

This lasted on my snap story for one minute and then I thought "woah I'm too sober to let my friends and family see this." So here you are finsta! Side note: I've thinking about marriage a lot lately because I'm not trying to be a part of "that" statistic. So me being realistic, I have to find future hub in the next two years I'm in uni because how do you even meet people if you're not in school? After I graduate, I'll be working as a first grade teacher. I certainly won't be meeting them at work! Will my only options be church, bars and online?

So I saw Trina and Trick Daddy live yesterday and everything was perfect except for the fact that it was a last minute plan that kept me from doing a lot of my homework. I had lots of fun though and I'm glad I could see them perform. The fact that the first concert I went to starred artists I listened to when I was 11 makes me appreciate life and time so much more! The greatest experiences are the unpredictable ones! #fattuesdayfly98.5 #trina #trickdaddy #concert

Freestyling is fun but it can look really messy (which is why I'm only posting 30 seconds of the recorded 4 minutes) #dancerproblems #dashiki #africandance #haitian look like you- remix dj tjaey

I got a fat headache #dancing #haitian #africandance

I'm extremely tempted to post twerking videos. I want to because I take pride in what my butt can do and I have these two videos that are just going to waste not being shared. But I'm also not trying to pull the wrong attention. This is my finsta though, so why limit myself? #dilemma #finsta #twerk

🎶I will never be what you want and that's alright, cuz my skin ain't light and my body ain't tight🎶
#happytobeme #cjump #oldpic #floridabeaches #blackgirlmagic

I would love to be the lead singer of a jazz band. #singersneeded #jazz #billieholiday #allofme

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