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#TBT when @rhino dropped this epic photo on the 2012 Thrasher King Of The Road #kotr #WhereWasPStone #MissHim #Thrasher #CrispyPic

#KingOfTheRoad several years back teams were challenged to decorate their vans in some sort of theme and pull into the finish line. @pstonebru and the boys went for the meat locker van. Hanging real meat, plastic sheets, and blood all throughout the van. Preston was of course the chef and fired up the BBQ on the roof driving nearly a mile to the finish line with the coals lit! Later in the night he didn't want the meat to go to waste so he began to cook some of it up. I told him it's been sitting out too long and isn't good any more. "Don't worry Lee, I got this!" Please please please donate anything you can to help his boys who will need it down the line. Link for the gofundme account is in my bio. #pstone #kotr #crispyflick @pivot_to_fakher

A month ago in Copenhagen while wandering the streets alone I ran into Preston. He had just flown in from Scotland and was trying to meet up with everyone. No charged phone, no directions, no problem. I had just been with the crew and pointed him in the direction but first he wanted to tell me of the times he had and ask where I had been. He smirked when he told me that he and "the boys" in Scotland got on it! He knew I'd find joy in that. They were camping on the shores of the Loch Ness looking for places to skate. I asked how the camping went and his face lit up. "The Loch Ness is so chilly that all you have to do is stick your brew in there and it's icy cold all day!". It wasn't, "the lake was freezing" or "we had to camp in mud with not much around". People often try to make lemons into lemonade. Well, Preston never even saw the lemons in the first place. Out on the road, guys tend to look for the hot club or cabaret spot, but PStone couldn't find more happiness being around a camp fire cooking up for the boys. To some he was PStone, to some Big Dog, to a lot Preston but to his 2 boys he was Papa. Rest easy My Guy.

@kutuupmusic reunion tour is here !! And dear god is @brendan_raasch looking OLD!! #HITTHEMOLDSKINS #HOTTOPICINYOUR50's #DEFIBLUTATORONSTAGE

Today at 5:45pm I'm workin with the boys @ETN on a history maker today!! Tune in to see @prod84 @nicktucker @_diegonajera bout to rip shit up, shit up, shit up, shit up........

Happy Birthday @beer_run !! Why is your brothers nipples so close together?!

Frank Nobilo was there @bandondunesgolf to call my drive onto the green at the 14th hole of the majestic Bandon Trails golf course. #bandondunes #bandontrails #FrankNobilo @patlawlor

C & D'd in PDX
Photo by @baart

This man was imitated and regurgitated at my household growing up. He's who we thought was THE best at this comedy game. Watch one of his roasts and then go watch Nick Cannons horrible show to put it all in perspective. What a great quick mind he had on him. Thanks for the inspiration and laughs. #DonRickles #MrWarmth

Wait!! Hold up!! Is Slash bald?!!

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