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Tonight at Midnight! Part 2 of #WEEKENDBUZZ with @vernlaird and @jimmygorecki . Shits about to get hella east coast while I just drink to myself.

I spent the last week in Korea and we all know what that means.... say it together... Rub and Tugs! Well turns out I have a rare disorder that makes my skin produce 1 Freckle for every time I climax. Upon returning home, the lovely Kashmiir noticed that 1 had been added to the plethora already riddled upon this sad sad body. Needless to say there is now trouble in paradise and I had forgotten to post last weeks #WEEKENDBUZZ drop with @jimmygorecki and @vernlaird . Well here it is. ( the oiled down link is in my well relaxed Bio)

First we touched bellys. Second you birthed my Goddaughter. Then came that one awkward pause and we knew where we had to take it. Next came my Godson ( maybe my son since he has my ginger hair, my knack for problem solving, and a razor sharp sense of humor for a 2 year old much like mine. ) Happiest of Valentine's Day to you my Lovely @Kashmiir . We can still keep it secret since my account is private... oh wait, shit!

New @creaturefiends board run release tonight was killer! Roll the dice for a free tattoo!

Popped this one off and it was awesome! @vernlaird and @jimmygorecki stopped by to chat about mid-nineties east coast skate sponsors while I mind my own business and finish my beverages. Thanks boys!! ( set to air next Thursday at midnight )

Happy 60th birthday to this great man that has kept the fire going in our skate world for years and now he's fanning that flame for the great people in the Trump cabinet. Thanks for all you do @jimthiebaud !! Happy Birthday Old Timer! #Trump #Jim4Trump #TrumpThiebaud #REALTRUMP #DONALDDELUXE

Happy Birthday to my man @skiduls !! Hope you are having a good one week today filled with fruits and berries and nuts!

The 3rd and FINAL part of #WEEKENDBUZZ with @joshkalis and @blabacphoto is now live! Tune in for some good therapy talk and find out who's gonna have to "catch me outside how bow dat" when I see them! { the deep and dark link is in my confused and lost Bio }

Part 2 of #WEEKENDBUZZ with @joshkalis & @blabacphoto is now live! Josh drops knowledge while Blabac give an all important tip to making it as a photographer in the "skate world". Rob wears clothes that suggest he's going through menopause while I bundle up as if my blood circulation is failing me. ( the sweaty shivering link is in my moody lethargic Bio )

I stand with my women!! That's why I'm taking any and all photos sent to my DM of you guys protesting topless and printing them out to send directly to President Trump's office next week!



Excited for what is to come!