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FREEZMA  YouTuber. Founder of Gym Steeze. Human Being Living On Planet Earth. New Vid👇🏻

Gonna miss looking small next to this guy everyday

Shoutout to everyone who believes in themselves

Johann Tribute Tees will be dropping tonight at 7:30pm QLD time on the Gym Steeze site! Gonna make sure we do something super dope with the proceeds so go show some love! Got about 35 of these bad boys available at 40 bucks each! 100% of your money from purchasing will be going towards doing something super cool for a couple of key people close to Johann. I'll keep ya's updated as I figure that one out. Stock is limited so make sure you get in quick if you want your size! If we can sell em all tonight we will raise over $1500 which would be absolutely amazing! Let's see if we can do it for the bro! Breaks my heart every time I think about what's happened but so much love for him man an absolute inspiration ❤️❤️❤️
Size breakdown:
Smalls: 5
Mediums: 8
Large: 11
XL: 8
XXL: 3

Don't be fooled if we look tough cause we're actually not. Always good catching up with the bro @hawk_reece_ 👍🏻

Don't have a pic with mum but maybe Jemma will be a mum one day.. 🤔 Happy mother's day to all the mums in the world today! ❤️

Working on some next level shit for Sunday's VLOG. Stole @mikerashid's videographer even. Shoutout to the young fella @athleticsandaestheticsfitness for coming through. Sunday be Ready 😎😉

Be yourself, do what makes you happy and rise above the judgements of others 👍🏻 New VLOG is Live! Link in my bio 😎

Finding the love again 👍🏻 #gym #usedtobeagymguy #guyswhostareatthegroundinthegym


Should I keep the braids?? Comment below!! 😭😂

Surround yourself with positive people 🙏🏻 New VLOG is Live!! Link in my bio!! 💪🏻😎

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