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supporting all the women in chile protesting there now. they are sick and tired of the sexism and the machismo. they want change. they want EQUALITY, gender equality!!!!!! #keepyourfuckinglawsoffmybody #micuerpomidecisión

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Love her, but leave her wild @atticuspoetry

I BELIEVE HER !!!!! #rp @freethep

everyday!!!! 💓 #rp @muslimgirl artwork by
@mymelaninglos #muslimwomensday

#rp @feministabulous
“Six minutes and about 20 seconds,” Emma Gonzales said. “In little over six minutes 17 our friends were taken from us and 15 were injured and everyone, absolutely everyone in the Douglas community was forever altered.” She stood there in silence facing the crowd as tears streamed down her face. “Fight for your lives before it’s someone else’s job.” She and so many other young people from all backgrounds and all walks of life have been the change we have been working towards the change we have been waiting for. #marchforourlives

happy international women’s day!!! thanks so much for posting this @alliehoffman
Dear Leila - we’re no closer to peace or liberation for your people than we were when you wielded this weapon, or hijacked planes, or fell in love. For all this, you’ve been both vilified and lionized. Neither are the truth — you just wanted to stand for justice, and that process is jagged and uneven. Our edges now are equally sharp; here’s to women continuing to fight the best way they know how, and to loving with their fullest selves. Happy #internationalwomensday y’all. // @vrye made this //

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Happy International Women’s Day 🎨: @artwhoring

come join me!!! @johannamaska my partner former director of press of advance for barack obama for 8 years and my other partner katie packer beeson former deputy campaign manager for mitt romney. here we talk about our bi partisan campaign @thehumancampaignorg !!! FTN was just the beginning THC is the most important. let’s get women protected in the US Constitution!

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