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FreeRangers  We're a Forest School Nursery which means learning outdoors and nature are top priorities. 🌲 πŸƒ 🌺 come β˜”οΈ or β˜€οΈ

The Burrow held another open mic night (at 9am this morning) and two Dads came in, one with a banjo and one with a guitar.
We also gave the second cheque for Β£500 to one of our families that we raised money for during the Three Peaks Challenge. It was an inspiration to meet this mum. Her husband sadly only has weeks to live. We all chatted for an hour about what their family was going through and how they plan to face the future. Something she said will stay with us for a long time.
"Sometimes you just have to get up, stick a bright flower in your hair and smile." Thank you to these two lovely Dads who smiled and sung with the Burrow today.
We all enjoyed a good singsong.

Today I escaped the clutches of the office and chilled out with The Hive as they enjoyed circle time with Lauren.
Lauren cracked open "song box" a firm favourite with the babies and toddlers.
Basically the children choose something from Lauren's box of tricks and every item represents a little ditty, or rhyme that they all share together. Some clap, some sway, some shout out the words they recognise and some simply stare; absorbing and engaging in everything Lauren has to say / sing in this very special 5 minutes leading up to lunch time.
I could wax lyrical about the listening skills, communication, language building, turn taking and concentration skills, not to mention linking concepts and ideas that they might already hold in order to make better sense of the world....but maybe that's for another time. Suffice to say, everyone should enjoy a hearty sing song before sitting down to lunch together.
On an aside, Lauren has smashed her apprenticeship and is predicted to finish early because she's worked so hard on her coursework. So round of applause for Lauren please. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #earlyyears
#threelittleducks #horseyhorsey #parenting #toddlers

Morning everyone, it's sunny, we have two eggs on the boil and everyone was eager to rise.
Enjoy your Sunday. 🍳 β˜€οΈ 😁

This week the children were busy harvesting blackberries. They then ventured into Valerie's kitchen and made blackberry and ample apple crumble.

Last night the lovely Grace and Michelle spoke to us about Lift The Bar, a special gym, like no other, in Paulton; which is practically on our doorstep.
So we've joined en masse, as a team, because we want to be the best we can be inside and out.
Our first training session is on Tuesday, we'll let you know how it goes.
Currently we're busy dusting off the Lycra and absorbing all the nutrition and wellbeing advice @liftthebarfitness bestowed on us in time for Tuesday.
Why are we doing this?
Because if we feel positive about ourselves both outside and in, it has a ripple effect on everyone and every situation life throws at us.
#freerange #freerangersgolarge

This is our cheque book, it doesn't get out much. But today it is super excited because it has just written three cheques totalling a whopping Β£3050.
Thank you to all who sponsored us for The Three Peaks Challenge.
Three of our families will be benefitting from this money. So well done you lot; to them and their children it really means a lot!
#fridayfeeling #spreadthelove
#freerangers #freerange

It's going to be sunny today!
Have fun, whatever you're doing.

Happy holidays's sunny! πŸ‘
Here's our Den grown sunflower to prove it.
#freerangers #freerange

This is a Privet Hawk Moth Lavae, found stomping around the car park. Google it, seriously, it turns into this amazing brown and green crazy beautiful, mahoosive (that's not an actual word) moth.
That's you nature lesson, over and done with tonight.
Thanks @redfoxington for the ID.
#lavae #hawkmoth

The caterpillars were performing synchronised munching yesterday at the American Museum in Bath. Probably the highlight for the boys, that and the huge garden where they could run free. But worth a day trip if sunny.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Still deciding whether the caterpillars were trying to spell something out?

These gorgeous mushroom towers were found down at the brook today. Anyone know their official name?

This Ash was growing inside a tyre in the car park and over the years, the tyre has gradually strangled it at its base. So we finally said goodbye to it today, but reckon there are about 100 little fires wrapped up in its branches and trunk and we're looking forward to giving this sad tree a new purpose: to keep many little toes and hands warm during winter forest school sessions.
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