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FreeRangers  We're a Forest School Nursery which means learning outdoors and nature are top priorities. 🌲 🍃 🌺 come ☔️ or ☀️


These two little girls were having a blast playing between to cones with a piece of plastic tubing rescued from a nearby building site.
Just goes to remind us that loose parts and an imagination is all children need to play and develop.
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This is Tommy and in this photo he’s explaining how he got the graze on his elbow at nursery.
How do you react when you child falls over?
When we show people around our nursery and they see a child fall, they often take a sharp intake of breath and look to us for our reaction.
In this situation we wait to see how the child reacts to the fall. We walk over to offer a hand whilst at the same time narrating the situation like this, “Tommy you fell down, maybe you tripped on the stones, have you hurt yourself or is it a little shock, can I help you up or can you get up?” A lot of people have told me Tommy is a tough nut. I don’t think he is, he’s just used to accepting the emotions that you have when you fall over. The other day he stacked it running down a steep path and four adults exclaimed “ouch” “oh poor you!” Or “up you get, brush it off” and they all marvelled how he got up took a deep breath and ran off.
Tommy isn’t a tough nut and he, like anyone, needs TLC but he is good at accepting his emotions, in this case anger, frustration and pain. He deals with them and moves on. Emotional intelligence is one of the best things you can support your child with in preparation for school IMO.
@freerangersnursery we value emotion coaching so highly another nine of our team are undergoing training next month to deepen their awareness and understanding when dealing with emotions belonging to little children.
Try not to give emotions the big brush off, much better to identify them and give them a name.
#schoolready #emotioncoaching #earlyyears #eytalking

Happy Wednesday everyone. If you’re suffering from hump day blues, here’s Sophie and her most delicious little boy Alfie. We had cuddles galore (he is very chilled) and I definitely got a smile, even though he simply has eyes for his mummy!


Could it be you? Share your talents and passions with a captive audience.
So far we've had a banjo player, a gardener and a guitar player.
#inspiringchildren #earlyyears #partnershipwithparents

Here's Fishlock Junior in the saddle, just quality controlling his dad's digging and levelling skills.
This is in preparation for Daryl to build the platform which the yurt will eventually sit on. Massive thanks to Dan for coming in over the weekend to sort this 👍
#earlyyearseducation #outdooreducation

Gahhhh with funding levels for 3 and 4 yr olds so miserably low in BANES we needed this rainbow and its pot to appear this evening!
The thirty hours scheme is in and chugging along like any poorly thought out governmental policy.
Just a reminder that anyone receiving their 30 hours funding will need to be renewing their code in the next couple of weeks. Most of you have already done this, which is totally amazing and saves you a lot of hassle and us a lot of paperwork.
🙌🙌 Meanwhile, behind the scenes we are still campaigning for fairer funding for those children accessing Early Years education.
#eytalking #earlyyearseducation #earlychildhoodeducation

Every nursery should have a Daryl. He maintains all the important stuff, like the pond platform and the cabin steps.
In the next couple of weeks he's building a platform and ramp for the yurt to sit on and yet he finds time to throw together a water wall for the children in The Burrow.
This waterfall / waterwall / wonderwall has been a real hit with the children.
Water play comes in many different forms but this wall had the children interested in the movement of the water from top to bottom and watching the way it dripped and dribbled to collect in the tray at the bottom, only to ask for it all over again. 💦 💦
Thank you Daryl!
Just to be clear we are not sponsored by @yeovalley 😂 but by golly their yoghurt pots come in handy for messy play activities after the children have devoured the contents!

On #worldmentalhealthday we wanted to remind all of our families that if you're having a challenging drop off or pick up, a difficult week or just a really pants time of it, we're here to listen and to chat and the kettle is only an arm stretch away.
What ever it is we'll empathise and hopefully be able to help in some way.
It's good to talk.

Coffee cup credit to @theconniesgirl ...The Connies is in Timsbury and incidentally, a very good place to put the world to rights!

It's spider web season. Venture outside in the morning, whilst the dew is beading on these amazing structures.
Our washing line is a favourite place to check and it didn't disappoint on Sunday. Thank you @brabantia for providing such a backdrop for these beautiful creations.

#nature #spiderwebs #earlyyearseducation

Can anyone name this little jiggity crawler?

Bedtimes stories; such a good way to get little people to wind down and ready for sleep. Especially lovely to have grandparents take the baton occasionally!
Even from new born, reading a little book after a bath can really help a child to get to know their routine and feel safe that falling asleep is a happy and good thing.
There's also research called The 30 million word gap, a body of study that highlights socio economic disparity as a major factor in children under 5 hearing 30 million words LESS than their more privileged peers before they start school....30 million words - that's a huge gap to try to overcome.
Parenting styles and home learning environments are noted as the two key contributing factors in this study.
Since the demise of nursery rhymes (fear not, we sing a lot of ditties, rhymes and gobbledegook at Free Rangers) and days jam packed with clubs and planned activities, I often wonder how often stories take a back seat. My eldest still loves to be read to, he's eight and can read himself, but he still devours this special time. For my youngest, sometimes we have to read the same book five times or a selection of books but we always talk about some little theme running throughout. For the past couple of days it's been "Little Red" a great take on Little Red Riding Hood. He can't understand why the Wolf is bad and we always talk through making mistakes and getting things wrong sometimes. He's three but he gets these themes in his own little way.
I'm just interested to know what everyone's take on bedtime is? What works well, what doesn't? What books are a hit at the moment in your house?
#30millionwordgap #nurseryschool #nurseryrhymes #reading #bedtimereading #mums #bedtimeroutine #bedtime #earlyyearseducation #eytalking

The ploughed field workout.
It's tough and you definitely can't wear your ballet pumps, but it's good to get the heart pumping and so lovely to see the fields getting ready for another year.

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