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Twitter - freemaofficial  Acting up - through Space & Time, with Old Bill & Old Bailey, stuck in the 80s, hiding my Fishtail, eating Muscaria, feeling ‘Sharpe’.

HOLY HELL FIRE!!!!!!!! 😱 When your mug is up in TIMES SQUARE‼️‼️GahHhhhhh!!!!! MUM!!! 🙈 #newyork 🚕 #newamsterdam #pinchme

#Repost @nbcnewamsterdam with @get_repost
Hang out with the #NewAmsterdam cast for a Live on our Facebook after tonight's premiere!

Join me and the rest of the cast & creatives from 10pm New York time for a mammoth live tweet group sesh! Will pop between the two to answer some over here as well! Leggo!!!!! Xxxxxx @NBCNewAmsterdam #NewAmsterdam⁠

TOMORROW NIGHT‼️ The premiere of @nbcnewamsterdam hits your screens at 10/9c on @nbc straight after @nbcthisisus 🍾 We are beyond proud and so thrilled to share this project with you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we are!!!! Join us for live tweeting, Q&A and bts of our viewing party!!! I’ll try to be coherent... 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂 but GaHhhh!!! So excited!!!!! Speak tomorrow!!!!! #NewAmsterdam⁠#davidschulner #katedennis 🏩💗


NBC Fall Party 🍁🍂 Tribe.🧡

NBC Fall Party with these babes.🧡
#blacklist #newamsterdam @nbc @nbcnewamsterdam

When you get home from an event & go to wash the evening off your face, but then clock the need to first give lasting props to the artist! @elisatallerico Thank you!!! LOVIN’ your work lady. #makeupartist #nofilter @nbc


Thank you @buildseriesnyc for having me on to talk all fings @nbcnewamsterdam #serioustings 😝 And big love to @bjonescooper for your insightful and intelligent interviewing. 🙌

GET READY‼️ It’s time for @nbc’s new fall season, including US!!! @nbcnewamsterdam #NEWFACES #sohappytobepartofthefamily #bombombom #NBC ❤️💚💙

When your phone captures what the eye can’t see. Haunted hallways. And me getting infiltrated... 😐

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