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FREEMAN  Music. Art. Truth. Connection. This is the journey of my album 'Truth'... F x Art page:- @artbyfreeman

With my logo’d guitar on set of the music video for ‘Fire’ which we shoot today ! Easy one for me, I just get to sit and watch .... all will be revealed !! F x

Vintage Rolls Royce’s, beautiful girls, champagne and a big fat sing a long chorus ! It’s only ROCK N ROLL but I like it ! ‘Freeman - Rolling Stone’ out now ! F x

In talks with Brazil and very hopeful to be touring there next year alongside our tours of China... and hopefully Cuba and the US too ! If any of your countries want us and can help sort it - let me know !!! Cheers . Good Times F x

Conor, lead guitar extraordinaire, down at Maltbarn Studios for our April sessions for album 2. We are now nearly at mix stage ... . We hope it’s gonna blow your mindddd ! Love F x

That’s the way to crack open a beer... . ‘Freeman - Truth’ keyring bottle opener, debut solo album out now and over the moon with the great reviews. F x

Which rock n roller doesn’t want a chauffeur driven chocolate brown vintage Rolls Royce ! Here’s a Clip from the ‘Freeman - Rolling Stone’ video ! Have a great day F x

My debut solo album ‘Freeman - Truth’ in 59 seconds ..: . Available now ! Love F x

ROCK N ROLL ! ‘Freeman - Rolling Stone’ out now ! Love F x

Shed a tear in memoriam. Yes, life is short, much shorter for some. Some of us are lucky enough to get time and time again to learn the lessons life is trying to give. Keep marching on, no one said it would happen overnight or be easy. I send love to all those who lost a life that day and I send love to everyone reading this. Lots of it. Life can be tricky as f*ck and Everybody needs love. Make sure to give It - to yourself, to all around you. Give as much as you possibly can. Love C x #love #truth #connection #onelove

Grateful for all the kind words. ‘Freeman - Truth’ is the debut solo album and is out now. F x

LA LA LA LA! ‘Freeman - Rolling Stone’ is the next single ! 70’s inspired Rock n Roll baby ! F x

‘Oh I wanna live like a Rolling Stone ... LA LA LA LA !’ . ‘Rolling Stone will be the next single from debut solo album ‘Freeman - Truth’ . Love F x

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