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Freeletics  HIT training. Bodyweight only. Fitness beyond imagination. 👇START NOW

Hang in there. Keep pushing. We know it's not easy. But together we will work through every single rep. Become a Free Athlete. Start now. Succeed soon. Stop never. Link in our bio.

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Are shorter training sessions less effective?
It's the classic case of volume vs. intensity. But ultimately, the outcome depends on you. Link in our bio.
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Free Athletes develop the mental edge to overachieve in all life's challenges and obstacles. Every time we hit finish, we are reminded of our capabilities and empowered to go out and use them. Link in our bio.
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How perfect is your plank?
It may look easy, but are you doing it right?
Discover the deal with planks, and the secret to keeping your core and technique, tight. ►
Start now. Link in our bio.
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Don't base your decisions on the opinions of others. Sometimes advice can be helpful, but always make sure you listen to your inner voice. In almost all cases it will guide you towards your goal. Be confident, trust your feelings and you will succeed. #Freeletics #FreeAthlete

Easter: the only time you don't have to worry about low protein intake.
Happy Easter Athletes.

When do you reach the point of no return? Now? Next year? Or when doctors say that slowly but surely your weight will kill you?
When Benjamin reached that point, he did something no one thought possible. He lost 125kg and turned failure into fortune.
Now, he's nicknamed the Coach and continues to challenge himself each and every day.
You may not be obese. You may not be dying. But you do have a choice.
Make your 'impossible' possible.
Start now. Link in our bio.
#TransformationTuesday #CommitmentIsEverything #Freeletics

Land softly. Lift explosively.
When it comes to adding power to your squats, first: Familiarize yourself with takeoff and landing. Then: Practice. Finally: See what all that extra power in your legs can do. Link in our bio.
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Complain less. Sweat more.
Start now.
Link in our bio.
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Health is as much a state of mind as it is a physical condition. Your journey to self-fulfillment starts with the first step you take onto the training ground. A step 14 million others are taking with you. Let's tackle health, one workout at a time. Link in our bio.
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On the training ground is where you discover new strengths.
Follow Marc's journey, and see how after 15 weeks of training anywhere and everywhere, his final destination was success. ►
Start now. Link in our bio.
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Freeletics means togetherness. Together we succeed. But more importantly, together we struggle, fail, fall and help each other rise again.
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