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Billy Andrew  Tattooer at Inver ink tattoo studio, Inverness. Maker of visually pleasing things

This one meant a lot. Freehand rose with my nephews name for my wee brother @mark_studio83 , love you bruv......sorry (not sorry) Mum @albert25 🙊😂

Back in the studio the morra so here’s one I did for Sam before I went on holiday, been challenging Sam to give me unique ideas to freehand when he comes in, las time was a monkey wearing a bunnet smoking a fag, this time was a dinosaur with a basketball riding a car....hunners a fun! 😁

I’m checking out of the reality I’ve been projecting recently and elevating to a higher frequency......otherwise known more mundanely as a ‘holiday’, any tattoo enquiries or questions contact Doug @2fngrs or pop into the studio, there’s screen prints for sale at the studio, again see my darling Doug if you want one ....till next week ✌🏻.

Left is fresh, right is a few years old, thank you for loyalty 🙌🏻

Wee message in a bottle tattoo for my good friend lily recently next to a compass I did on her previously

Good old labour no having to make me work too hard for ideas this week.......making it to easy Reds!, @jeremy_corbynmp maybe get the Etonian public school boys and blairites out of what was once a party of the people, for the people and you might get it back on track mate.

New screen print I was working on today at @highlandprintstudio, had my wee assistant in the studio again today @billyandrew540 #prouddad

Coz freehanding ideas on isn’t hard enough some clients want to challenge you to draw upside down 🙈

Freehand tiger I started yesterday on Ricky boi

This was the fruits of yesterday’s labour at @highlandprintstudio....Boris Johnson....a bouncy castle with hair, I’ll get them all trimmed up and numbered and signed then they will be for sale

My wee man in the print studio @highlandprintstudio helping me and what a great assistant he was, legend of a boy! #prouddad

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