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민석이  EXO ❄ Xiumin ❄ 민석 ❄ 🇵🇭 🌸 I only follow doll accounts 🌸

When I'm with mommy, all we do is eat. 😊😊

Mommy what's this? #ddakxiu

Small burgers for small me ☺ #ddakxiu

It's so sour >_< but it's delicious #ddakxiu #pinkberry

"I have something for you!" Ddakxiu brought home a small version of the "very big electric fan" for Minguri and Xomxiu 😊 #ddakxiu #xomxiu #minguri

Look! That's a very big electric fan!! And there are a lot of them here 😯 #ddakxiu


Dragon fruit 😊 Yum! #ddakxiu

Vigan 😊 #ddakxiu

Uwahhhhh it's so big 😮😮#ddakxiu


Pink pink ☺

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