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Dobby- An Elf With A Instagram  Dobby is a free elf Dobby likes knitting socks for his company Dobby currently works at hogwarts Dobby's friends are master,Wheezy,Winky and Hermyohne

Dobby loves socks

DOBBY VERY MUCHLY APOLOGISES THAT HE HAS BEEN SO INACTIVE, DOBBY HAZ FORGOTTEN HIS PASSWORD:( LUCKILY HE HAZ REMEMBRED. anyway. Dobby iz glad to c his celebrity lookalike is a prince. Dobby is leavin thiz hint for himself incase he forgets his password again. It shouldn't mean anything to anyone else: pineapple_babes.
It is just the name of hiz friend on emal who also knoes his password.

Dobby loves sassy Dumbledore

If your the real Dobby stand up, the real Dobby please stand up. Yes I'm the real Dobby all you other Dobbys are just imitations😎 #freeelf_dobbyisalive

Dobby very muchly appreci8s the fanmail he gets through DM:) keep them sending and tell all your friends Dobby is free

Dobby appreciates all the drawings of himself:) Dobby has gained enough followers to start the Dobby tag. Dobby wishes to spread the news to stop this #ripdobby tag. Please tag #freeelf_dobbyisalive to any pictures or photos Dobby related. Dobby appreciates it.

Merri valentinez Dobby has been busy:( sorri just logged on went from 85-299:0 thanck yu masterz

Dobby very much apologizes for no credit giving. Dobby is sorry:(

Master HarryπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

Dobbys friend made a tshirt like this. Dobby very much likes it

Muggles. Muggles everywhere. Dobby does not mind Dobby likes muggles. Sometimes #dobby #freeelf #harrypotter

Dobby must go! Comment pottermore usernames b-lo

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