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FreedomToSpend  Music we love and want to spread the word about. Pete, Jed, Matt, maybe others

Last shot preview of heavy records I’m putting up for sale tomorrow at the @dublab record fair @zebulonla. Doors at noon! I’ll be slinging a bunch of FTS and @rvngintl records along with stuff from my personal collection.

A few more things pete is putting up for sale at the @dublab record fair this weekend @zebulonla

Pete will be selling a bunch of stuff from his personal collection, dead stock, stuff from FTS (including the represses of Eros and Kesh!) And a bunch of @rvngintl stock.. flip through to see some of what’ll be up for sale (if you’re real eager tho HMU here)... all this at the @dublab record fair this weekend @zebulonla

Moniek Darge - “Sounds Of Sacred Places” - This one is an all time favorite alb of mine.. twisted/refracted/alienated recordings of spaces that occasionally snap into focus and the dissipate into the Darge fog.

Jean-Pierre Boistel/Tony Kenneybrew - “Percussions Pour La Danse” - pretty self-explanatory.. percussion for dance.. Boistel is the composer/percussionist playing things like kalimbas and talking drums.. Kenneybrew was the choreographer.. shredding percussive 80’s “world music” side

Elephant Chateau - “Dreamings” 12” - EP with an A sode that is one of the most epic post-punk/dream pop whatever.. it takes so many turns who knows what kind of music it is.. funky, epic, dreamy, saxy towards the end.. wish it wasn’t just 8 minutes.. @seance_centre has had copies for sale recently...

Anthony Moore - “Pieces From The Cloudland Ballroom” - killer LP of minimalist compositions that have been a bit overlooked and unavailable.. A truly epic one here..

Emmanuelle Parrenin - “Maison Rose” WILD French psych-folk alb w JC Vannier doing some of the arrangements like this track in the video.. there are even a few more electronic tracks w drum machine.. covers a lot of ground but keeps it clean.

Cham-Pang - “Tant Pis 81-82”
One of the best archival releases from 2017 on the eternally under recognized @tenzier.. top top top rec for fans of minimal synth, Ixna, freak margins of punk.

PORTLAND! Tonight! Tickets are sold out but we do have a few door spots available.. doors are at 6:30, we get rolling at 7PM..

This lovely thing just landed.. FTS009! Ursula K Le Guin and Todd Barton “Music and Poetry of the Kesh”. Includes a handsome little bookmark, download and reproduction of the original cassette insert as well as excellent liners by Moe Bowstern.. you can still pre-order but the first pressing will be gone fast..

Guided meditation cassette from 1980 featuring original music from Don Slepian, with some long and beautiful instrumental passages. Video starring Ergot the cat, who is to blame for the sometimes shaky video!

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