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Johanna Bodewes 

Love these mountains and this crazy family of mine...❤️❄️

Trying to ease our overworked leg muscles with the old “freezing lake water therapy”.
It hurt. A lot.
But DAMN it (and a hot shower) felt good afterwards!
Trust @felixbodewesleach to go the extra mile....
#whosideawasthis #thefamilythatfreezestogether...

With this glorious creature in happier times. Thanks for the joy, Max. 😔

Thought of you @nicolawoodcockart

Emu feather basket hats, a puppy and this lady...doin’ it Alice Springs style.

Me and Ruth and the Rock of Ages...

The cuteness!! Alice Springs Puppies!!

Young sunset love. Sweet sixteen smiles. A perfect afternoon stroll until a huge bird shat all over @felixbodewesleach .
Sorry, but I haven’t laughed that hard in YEARS!!!!

Happy 16th birthday to a golden human! May this year be bright and sunshiney and blooming with all good things. Here are some bees and yellow flowers for you - just like them you make the world a more beautiful place. Thanks for your wit and one liners, your kindness and compassion, your sense of justice and adventure. Love you lots Abbey Rose @trippingonstalgia .

First bone broth - made with love and intention to heal the bones of the old man...💪🏼

Motley crew.
Beloveds one and all! Big 45 birthday love to @gavleach

Sky ball. I love an illusion - reminds me of reality ;)

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