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Free Citizen Shop  Custom AR Builds, Made in the USA, Warrantied and test fired (not bullshit we actually test fire)

You know who you are ya fucking losers. #geterdone #getyourshittogether
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DAILY RANT..."What we ALL want to say about People with Excuses"😂😂 TO SEE THE FULL RANT FOLLOW THE LINK IN MY BIO ABOVE⬆⬆

Close up of the upper we shot in the last video.

Customers pick up from last visit to Free Citizen Shop. We are appointment only but you are welcome to pass by. Thanks to @structuredwiring for the pic.

@alphashootingsports colossal comp holding steady at the test fire and I cant even shoot so it was all comp. I'm more chill than pew pew

Custom build for a customer. Old school with a lil bit of new.

@angelmuthafuckinchavez rocking a Free Citizen shirt #lurkingintheshadows
#theyarewatching #illuminati #questioneverything

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...thanks @freecitizenshop for the sweet shirt!..check out their page and follow!!..they have awesome Tees and they can build your CA compliant AR15 !!..

Finally put that purple set up together for Easter. We'll be in Lancaster this weekend #purplehair #purple

Luke 22:36 "Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.
Not sure whose shirt but very clever. If somebody knows the maker please let me know to give credit.

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Can never have enough.

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22 brothers and sisters went to be with Christ yesterday. As Christ says be prepared to give account of your faith. The media ignores the truth, always have Isis and Islamic terrorism is a huge problem that we all need to prepare ourselves for. They say Christian terrorists bomb abortions clinics the data shows that this has only happened 13 times. Islamic terrorist attacks all over the world 25,000 over 100 have been in America. Now we have Iran, Hezbolah, and Russia throwing threats our way? Pray on your feet and keep an AR-15 with a loaded magazine close by. #learnsomething #pushback #jointherebellion #christianity #passover #egypt #terroristattack #heaven #msm #fakenews #defeatisis #maga

#tbt to a couple customer builds using free citizen uppers. We'll be in #sanfrancisco this weekend #cowpalace

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