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Amanda Rumsey Morgan  You are always only one decision away from a different life. // my other passion : @photographybyfreebird 📷


Since the wait for every ride at Disney Land right now is an hour long, I thought I would indulge in some Sunday story time about Jared. (It’s a good one.) When we were divorced I was dating this guy. And this guy...seemed like the answer to all of my prayers. He was charming, funny, made good money, dressed well.... you know the type. And I was enamored enamored. He was participating in a triathlon in Idaho so I decided to go with him. We drove up together in his car and spent the night so I could help him get up and started in the morning. After he was off and going, I ended up alone with his car and his phone. Trying to figure out where I was supposed to leave him next, I found his phone, figured out his passcode....and then found some things that instantly made me sick to my stomach. Things he had been doing, people he had been talking to, etc. I was heartbroken. Not only that-but now I was alone, in Idaho, stranded without a car and very little money. I immediately called my mom. I told her the situation and she felt just as helpless as I did. She wasn’t in a place where she could come get me and neither one of us knew what to do. She told me she would try and get a hold of a couple family members to see if anyone could help me, but I knew there was someone I could call that would get there faster than anyone else. So I called Jared. By the time my mom even got on the phone with one family member, Jared had his shoes on and was in his car ready to drive from Bountiful all the way to Burley Idaho. I spent the next three hours crying in an electric shopping cart at the closest grocery store I could hitch a ride to and when Jared got there-he didn’t ask questions, he didn’t expect anything from me. He just let me sit there in silence as he drove me home, dropped me off and told me to call him if I needed anything else. He rescued me that day without expecting one single thing in return. He continued with that same love and patience all through our time apart and he continues to give that to me every day now. ❤️@jaredmorgan2 #remarried #divorced #couplestory #thisisus #lovehim #patience #meetthemorgans

when Disney Land is so busy you just can’t stand it anymore-you jump in the car and head to the beach. The perfect way to end the day.🌊 @jaredmorgan2 #beachbum #vacationfamily #familyfacation #disneyvacation #beachvacation #newport #newportbeach #sand #waves #meetthemorgans

Today Jared and I did a live video here on Instagram to pass time while we drove to California and we loved it. It also made us realize (again)that we have a pretty special story. That-and that maybe someone or a bunch of someone’s out there might benefit from hearing more of our story. I promised myself at the beginning of the year that if I was going to keep Instagram, I was going to use it as a tool for good. And while I will never understand what the 3,000+ of you see in me to make you keep following me, and while I am beyond grateful for it-I am going to continue to make it my goal here to keep it as real and honest as I can. If even one person benefits from it, that will be enough for me.
For those who doesn’t know, Jared and I were married in 2011 and divorced in 2014. During those 3 years, we both faced heartbreaking difficulties and sadness-but it also gave us our son Sam. After I left Jared the beginning of 2014, we then both spent the next year and a half healing, learning and re-building ourselves and our relationship until we knew we were ready to come back to each other and put our family back together in December of 2015. There were several times when it seemed like we would never cross paths again outside of co-parenting and a few times when we both thought the other was going to move on with someone else.... but through it all we ended up back together. I’ve always gotten a lot of questions about what lead to our divorce and what lead us back to each other-so look for more posts here. Hopefully our journey might help someone else struggling themselves. Here’s us circa 2011 at wedding #1. 😏❤️@jaredmorgan2 #remarried #lovewins #husband #lovehim #couples #meetthemorgans

The worlds absolute cutest Valentine’s. I could not ask for anything more. 💕#myloves #samandnorah #babies #brotherandsister #valentines #happyvalentinesday

Reppin’ the overalls since 1993, baby. 👋🏻pc: @haleymm #inmycalvins #overalls #overalllovin #calvinklein #90schild #shorthairdontcare

Well, since every performance of this production is completely sold out already, I figured I would post this here to brag about Jared (yet again) and how incredible he is as Peter in Rob Gardner’s ‘Lamb Of God’. The entire show is beautiful and touching-but watching Jared perform brings it all together for me. He comes from a family of extremely talented musicians, to say the least. His father John inspired him his entire life to sing and to love music. We lost his dad two years ago and the music from this show has always reminded me of him. I can feel how inspired Jared is by him when he sings. So here’s a little sample of him in rehearsal tonight because I’m fangirl wife and I don’t even care. ❤️ @jaredmorgan2 #lambofgod #rehearsal #gifted #whatthecrap #hisvoice #angelman #meetthemorgans

Overall I’m pretty thrilled about being this girls mom.❤️👯‍♀️ #Norahcaroline #babygirl #overalls #thatface #sohappy #prettgirl

Jared was the luckiest man in the world tonight to have two beautiful dates and I was the luckiest girl to be surrounded by so many people I love and cherish. I can not believe how big time I hit the jackpot in the friend and husband department. Thank you for another amazing Hats Off Party, @centerpointtheatre. It was a perfect night of remembering and celebrating our wonderful theater family. So much love for all of these people. ❤️ #hatsoffparty #family #theaterfamily #youcanttakeitwithyou #cpt #myloves

Got to watch The Hunchback Of Notre Dame at @halecentretheatre tonight with my favorite people. Guys. WHAT. A. SHOW. seriously. Go see it. The sets, the costumes, the lights, the actors, the stage... unbelievable. How do I know so many talented people? Fantastic job, everybody. (And apparently I’m too tall to stand like a normal person so... whatever) ❤️ @halecentretheatre @jaredmorgan2 @haleymm @giantute @ameliajoan @dallincf @brookeanderson89 #hunchback #halecentretheatre #bestfriends #theaterfamily #lovethem

Today was a HUGE day for me and Jared. We FINALLY closed on the house we remodeled. 🎉 guys- I have been married three times, divorced twice, been a single mom, put my family back together, had two babies, had one of those babies cut out of me -and flipping a house was by FAR the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.... and I barely did anything. I’m absolutely amazed that the stress of it all didn’t kill me or drive Jared to kill us both and I’m amazed Jared is still in once piece. But-I am so proud of him. He took on an over 100 year old house from BARE. BONES. and turned it into something so beautiful. I can’t even believe that one man is capable of doing everything. Literally. From electrical to plumbing to heating and air to the hardwood floors to the walls to the bathrooms… He did it all. Not only that, but he did it all while graciously listening to me whine about how stressed I was that he was always gone doing it all. So tonight, we’re celebrating. Celebrating The end of this chapter of life and the beginning of a new one… And never, ever flipping a house ever again. Ever.❤️ @jaredmorgan2 #soproudofhim #boyfriend #houseflip #finallydone #hothubs #datenight #meetthemorgans

Somethings not right when my post-show, wig cap hair looks better than when I actually try to do it. 🙄#whatevs #wighair #shorthairdontcare #pixiecut #pixie #pixiehaircut #shorthair #bob #bobhaircut #shorthairlove #messybob

I consider myself truly blessed to not only have been directed by one of my very best friends, but to be in this beautiful production with my very best friends. I wish I could go back to 12-year-old Amanda and tell her that one day she really would be lucky enough to be involved with a group of people that loved and accepted her. I love these crazy weirdos. What an amazing experience this show has been. Here’s to closing weekend, Mockingbird. ❤️ @jaredmorgan2 @giantute #tokillamockingbird #cpt #bestfriends #lovethem #blessed #bunchofweirdos

Every day I find something new to love about her. 💛 #Norahcaroline #babygirl #loveofmylife #princess #boho #bohonursery #colors #rainbow #targetobsession

When I first started into musical theater at 15 years old, I had no interest in straight plays whatsoever. Then, the amazing Jennie Richardson cured me of that silly mentality when I was 19 and I have found a new love for this side of theater. I am so beyond proud to be a part of Centerpoint Legacy Theatre's production of To Kill A Mockingbird. It has not only been a growing experience for me as an actress, but it has been a humbling and almost spiritual experience for me as a person. Being able to do such a touching piece of theater and American literature with my very best friends, has moved me in so many ways. We haven't gotten a lot of publicity for this show and it's not one that is showy enough to really motivate people to come see it on its own-but please, come see this show. I promise you will walk away happy that you did. We have 5 performances left. Jared and I are in the Tuesday Thursday Saturday cast, but if you can only come on a Monday Wednesday or Friday night, still come. I am so proud of this show and the production value and story speaks so well for itself-that it doesn't matter which cast you see. The experience you will have will be the same.❤️ #tokillamockingbird #cpt #harperlee #scout #whatashow #comeseeus pc: @pepperfoxphoto

Happy 78th birthday to a true love of my life. I honestly believe that every child should love their grandma more than anyone in the world-especially when they have one as amazing as mine. I owe so much of who I am and who my children are to her charitable spirit and unconditional love. She is always the first one to offer a warm meal, folded laundry, a ride to the airport, help with the kids, endless emotional support and advice and anything else she is capable of providing. She is my biggest fan at my best and at my worst. Sam has told me multiple times that "I would be a really good mom-if I was more like Grandma Connie". I can't even blame him for that one-because he's totally right. ❤️ #happybirthdaygrandma #grandmaconnie #78yearsyoung #lovehersomuch

We interrupt your Sunday scrolling to bring you the cutest video of Norah yet. She's learning that this noise with my lips means kisses. And that she loves to do it too. So please enjoy this video-huge zit, crazy hair, double chin and all. ❤️ #mygirl #perfection #kissestime #norahccaroline #meetthemorgans

He loves me and still thinks I'm beautiful, even though I basically have succumb to wearing a head wrap every day for the rest of my life. ❤️ @jaredmorgan2 #jerbear #hothubs #headwrap #makingitwork #lovehim #meetthemorgans

7 months of endless smiles and snuggles with this one. 💛 #sevenmonths #growbabygrow #whatagirl #norahcaroline #perfect #meetthemorgans

My head has been swimming the last few months. With so much loss the last couple of years and with all that has changed, I feel like I'm at some kind of a crossroads in my life. I see the crippling effect that death and loss leaves on my loved ones and I feel the hopeless fear that comes with still not knowing for myself where we all go when we leave this earth. My heart aches when I think of the holes left by their absence. So tonight, while I finally sit in silence after my family is all asleep-I turn to music to help feel some kind of peace. I don't think Nine Inch Nails or Johnny Cash would have ever sung this with a ukulele-but it just felt right since this song has always reminded me of our sweet Ness. ❤️ #hurt #uke #loveeachother #itsjusttooshort #musicheals

crooked smile samesies. 👯❤️ #norahcaroline #mygirl #heybabyhey #samesmile #mylove #thecutest

Crystal Hot Springs was exactly what the doctor ordered today. Norah LOVED her first time swimming. And if winter could stay like this forever.... that'd be great. ☀️💦 @jaredmorgan2 #crystalhotsprings #swimmingsunday #watermonkeys #family #littleswimmers #meetthemorgans

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