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Amanda Rumsey Morgan  Mildly Inappropriate person Loving my babies💕 Tending my garden🌱 Pixie cut empowered✂️ Sharing personal truths.🙏🏻 Happily re-married to @jaredmorgan2🌻

New headshots for some auditions this Saturday. Thank you so much @abbie.morgan2 for taking these for me today 🙏🏻 which one should I use?? #headshots #auditiontime #chopitoff #shorthairdontcare #thanksbeans

My favorite wall in our house. Not just because it’s covered with a lot of my favorite things, quotes and people...but because it reminds me of the night I drew a picture of these shelves I wanted Jared to build-and an hour later they were all hanging on my wall. He never disappoints. Miss you, my sexy carpenter. ❤️ @jaredmorgan2 #shelfie #shelfwall #barnwood #beeboxes #beeboxxself #farmhouse #rustic #ssdgm #babydaddy #meetthemorgans @myfavoritemurder

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about guilt. The guilt of not being a good enough parent, friend or spouse. The guilt of not being a good enough church member, the guilt of leaving the church...the overall guilt of choosing a different path than people thought you would or think you should. It’s amazing to me how much guilt each of carries every single day-most of the time not even realizing it. And my question is....why? Why do we feel guilt for choosing and doing the things that make us happy? Why do we allow ourselves to let other people, religions or communities make us feel horrible for simply living our lives the way we want to? I’m not a bad mom for not constantly playing with my children or for not always keeping my cool. I’m not going to hell because I left the church. I’m not a bad person for finally deciding to live my life and stop making every single decision so others around me would be happy and accept me. And guess what? Neither are you. It’s such an incredibly freeing feeling when you realize that you are here to live your life for you. And that you are the one in control of the guilt that you feel. It’s like I said a while ago: unless you’re murdering, raping or just straight up being horrible to people-you deserve happiness. So wear the tank top. Drink the glass of wine. Change your major. Take the vacation. Move. If your heart is calling to it-do it and do it with confidence. You don’t need guilt in your life. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 🌼 #thanksforlistening #loveyourself #nomoreguilt #justbehappy #stopandsmelltheflowers #thehillsarealive #lovefreebird

Man, I’m an ugly crier. I was going to just delete this after we took it at the airport today, but it’s real and it’s the truth. Leaving Jared in Texas again today for another month is hard. Raising kids in separate states is hard. Watching Sam cry in the airport after leaving his dad again, is hard. Building a business and a future from the ground up is hard. But it’s also worth it. I am so proud of @jaredmorgan2 and how hard he works to provide a life and a future for this family. We are pieces of coal under pressure right now. Soon it’ll all be diamonds, baby. We got this. ❤️ #lovehim #byebabe #fourmoreweeks #meetthemorgans #hothubs #uglycry #itsfine

Jared and I had our first 4th of July together in 6 years today in Texas and it was wonderful. It was spent with great friends old-and new. I consider myself lucky to live in a country where me and my family are happy and free. Despite how bad some of it might be right now-we are proud to be Americans and thankful to this country we love. 🇺🇸❤️ @jaredmorgan2 #happyfourthofjuly #homesweettexas #independanceday #proud #free #happy #grateful #meetthemorgans

Happy birthday, ‘Merica.🇺🇸💥#fourthofjuly #happybirthdayamerica #starsandstripes #thankyou

life’s short, stay sweet🍭#norahcaroline #mygirl #staysweet #meetthemorgans

If you ever spend even 5 minutes with Sam, you will learn 3 things about him very quickly. He is brilliant. He is hilarious. He is emotional. Sam is afraid of nothing, wise beyond his years and stubborn as an ox. He is the best big brother Norah could ask for and the biggest blessing in my life. Happy 5th birthday to you, my boy. You bring light to everyone you meet. ❤️🎉🦕 #samuelrees #happybirthdayboy #foureyes #thebigfive #loveofmylife #meetthemorgans

Dear women of the world,
Here are two things I no longer want to hear you say:
1.)“Let me ask my husband if he can babysit.” I’m sorry-is this man your baby daddy? Did he play a part in the making of your spawn? And are you also married to this man? If any or all of the above are true-your husband is not “babysitting” your children. He’s being a father. I don’t care if your man works seven days a week. When you need to accomplish something in your life that requires the help of your spouse to be with your kids, you do not need to ask if they will or not. And it’s certainly not babysitting. What the 16 year old girl in the neighborhood does for shopping money is babysitting. Whoever helped make the babies, gets to help raise the babies.
2.) “I would love to cut my hair but my husband won’t let me.” Now, I’m all for not doing crazy things to our appearance that would really be a turn off to your significant other, but last time I checked cutting your hair is up to you. Not your husband. He doesn’t have to like it. He doesn’t have to prefer it. YOU do. And I’m pretty sure when you really love someone, the length of your hair shouldn’t have much to do with it anymore. Do what makes you happy (within moral reason). Thanks for listening and goodnight. 🙏🏻✂️❤️ #ssdgm #loveyourself #dearwomen #chopitoff #lovefreebird

This has been the most unusual season of my life. Jared has been gone for almost three weeks again-so I’m home with the kids and taking care of business. I’m not doing a show, I haven’t been shooting as much, we aren’t flipping a house, I’m not pregnant-I just, right now. And I know that in 3 months that all drastically changes, but for now it’s given me the chance to slow down and have real time with my kids. I have always struggled with living in the moment-so being forced to has been good for me. It’s shown me what really matters. And it’s shown me how sacred our time here is. It’s helped me prioritize where I want my time and efforts to go-and what really makes me happy. Don’t be afraid to take time and enjoy what’s happening right in front of you, even if it doesn’t seem that amazing or exciting. Because as it turns out-being “busy” and feeling fulfilled aren’t the same thing. “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” -John Lennon🦋 #grateful #liveinthemoment #norahcaroline #mybabies #lovefreebird #meetthemorgans

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