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ant freebyrd  A God fearing God loving God following God forever freeasbyrd God bless you all Jesus saves thankful to God for everything i am rite now

LOVE: is what God has for everyone He loves everyone so much He sent His only son to die for who so ever believes, in God shall not perish but have everlasting life God son did not come into the world to condem the world but to save the world ( John 3:16-20 in the Bible please read) God son is Jesus and He loved you and died for you before you all were born all you have to do is stop rejecting and accept Jesus into your life before it is too late (Romans 10:8 -10 in the Bible tells you how please read) God bless you all and God be with you all the rest of your days here on earth Amen!!!

Jesus is my Hero the true love the true light the only way back home Jesus is the truth Jesus loved me so much He died for me before I was born that is my one and only true Hero "Jesus" thank you Jesus amen!!!

I confess to you all that the blood of Jesus saved me Jesus died and loved me long before I was born Jesus died on the cross so I would be saved from hell I believe Jesus died and 3 days later arose from the grave and ascended to heaven and is coming back to take all who believes this too and confess your sins and turns from sin you can be saved from hell too (romans10: 8-10 in the Bible please read) and take us all home to heaven God is Great I believe God is our creator and we will live with God forever and forever all praise be to God my father Amen!

My hero Jesus

Jesus loves you

Jesus is the only way to Heaven

Jesus is my rock

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