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What I’ve been working on the past week. Data-Driven Testing using an Excel sheet and a script I wrote in VBScript. This script will create a new Project, create 10 pages for a Touch-panel, add a different control to each page, and edit a property for each control. Fully automated, no hands required 😎🤓 kind of an intro into the world of Automated Testing but still pretty cool for a week’s work considering I never took a computer science class! Learning so much at this internship, I’m glad they are keeping me through the Fall 🙌🏽 #VE #EE #CS #DDT

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Here is fully stand-alone, implemented AC to DC converter with Sound Reactive LEDs (ignore person giving a presentation in the background 😂). Regular AC wall outlet with switch, goes through the transformer (3rd pic), then goes through 4 diodes (bridge rectifier) and a filter (capacitor) (2nd pic), and finally feeds the Sound Reactive LEDs connected to microcontroller with a steady DC power supply. Ran into some issues as the circuit pulls too much current and overheats quickly, as a result it only effectively works for a few seconds (you can see the LEDs light up after the first snap). Still learning! #ElectricalEngineering #EE #analogcircuits #finalproject

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