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Fredrik Eklund  Daily inspirations from New York. Father, real estate broker, author, wine-maker and tv-personality.


Biggest deal of my life. 👸😍

Christmas came early this year... 😉

So peaceful... wrapped next to one another they often fall sleep nose against nose. I sit for hours but somehow it feels like minutes and I just listen to their little noises. They’ve already turned gravity completely upside down for us as the new center of everything... The difficult journey here was so worth it and all happened for a reason - thank God we didn’t give up! I didn’t know I could love this much. 👸🤴

First day back at work after the arrival of the kids. As hard as it was to leave them still sleeping in the morning, everything has a new purpose now. I’m gonna make them proud of big papa, and take this real estate thing to the next level for my👸🤴
Thanks to the team for holding up the fort last week.
$108M in deals.
- Greenwich Lane Penthouse Closed $19,995,000
- 43 Clarkson Street 3A Closed $8,995,000
- Polhemus Residence 3 Contract Out $1,600,000
- Steiner East Village 4K Contract Signed $2,295,000
- Steiner East Village 4C Contract Signed $2,295,000
- 1 Seaport 39A Contract Signed $3,115,000
- 1 Seaport 27A Contract Out $1,995,000
- 1 Seaport 21C Contract Out $1,620,000
- 1399 Park Ave 10F Contract Out $975,000
- 50 Clinton 5E Closed $2,125,000
- 254 Park Ave South 6HJ Contract Signed $1,727,000
- 357 East 57th Street 15D Contract Signed $1,299,999
- 1485 Fifth Ave 15D Closed $905,000
- 32 E 1St St 4A Contract Signed $2,975,000
- 32 E 1st St 4E Contract Out $1,175,000
- 32 E 1st St 5E Contract Out $1,225,000
- One West End A-line Contract Out $4,665,000
- One West End E-line Contract Out $5,075,000
- One West End F-line Contract Out $5,833,667
- 450 W 17th St 1022 Closed $1,750,000
- 5 Beekman 40B Closed $3,645,000
- Congrats to everyone at One West End on another $32 Million in closings

We’re so in love with them. There really are no words. I still cry often... just looking at them, feeding them, kissing them. They’re so perfect, they really are everything. I still can’t believe it. Today Milla and Freddy are four days old. My promise to them is to always love them and make them proud. #grateful

Daddyhood 😍

Happiest moment of my life. Welcome Fredrick and Milla to the world. 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

The last photo before the twins arrive in just a few days. So thankful... most of all to our surrogate, she’s become family through this. At night I put my hand on her stomach and feel Milla and Fredrick kicking & we can’t wait to finally welcome them home.... It’s hard to explain but Derek and I’ve both been so giggly all the time lately. It’s like entering another dimension this thing, if you’ve had kids perhaps you can relate? I think my heart is going to explode when I finally hold them. We’re so appreciative of all the well-wishes and love ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving from us! #nextchapter 🍼

We’re now selling in USA, Australia, Sweden (officially the #1 new rosé there), Denmark and Finland, with the UK and Canada coming shortly. I’m so grateful for the incredible success of these wines - it’s my kick that’s bottled. Here are some photos from the winery in Italy and manufacturing the beautiful bottle with the highest quality. Order on highkickwine.perfectsip.com or direct link in my bio. Cheers! 🍷

That feeling when you officially have the biggest contract signed in the city again, second time in a month. In fact... last week we had four of the top ten deals in the entire city. Weeeee🕺🏻
(Superior Ink, $36.35M buying side, The Olshan Report)

Starting to take shape... 🏰🍼👶🏼👶🏻

Fall-ing in love. 🍁
Our best week ever continues with another $63M in team deals:
- 415 Greenwich St PHC Contract Signed $9,995,000
- Madison Square Park Tower 42A Contract Signed $8,500,000
- One West End 14A Closed $4,975,000
- 1 Seaport 24A Contract Signed $1,970,000
-50 Clinton 5E Contract Signed $2,125,000
- Polhemus Residence 5 Contract Out $4,500,000
- 5 Beekman 37B Closed $4,200,000
- 5 Beekman 44A Closed $3,700,000
- Congrats to everyone at One West End for another $22,633,588 closings today
Photo by the genius @212sid with my edit 🙏

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