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Freddy Man  Personal trainer / prep coach ๐Ÿ’ช Sho offz fitness & Fit Fuel grill โ›ช #Teamshooffz #MikeGraceyRaised


Leg day always a blast. 4 weeks to go and pushing these legs to the max. Squating 315 for more and more reps each week. @mikegracey didn't raise no fool @shooffzfitness. Bigger and leaner @fakhrimubarak_ceo_ifbbpro #Teamshooffz #npcbodybuilding #npc #bantam #teamfak #4weeks

5 weeks out bigger and leaner then Dallas. Currently 132 with room to grow. Best place to be for a any prep @shooffzfitness and fueled by @fitfuelgrillelpaso. Big thanks to @_matthewjay for food and of course this picture ๐Ÿ˜‚. Ready to make @mikegracey proud. #mikegraceyraised #teamshooffz #npc #bantam #bodybuilding #teamfak

My #wcw๐Ÿ˜ is my biggest fan and support. No matter how much I age , I'm still her baby (even though I tell her I'm grown)๐Ÿ˜‚. From miles away she keeps up to date with my prep, she always ask me if I need anything, and she is ready for me to run back home at anytime. This is my beautiful momma. Unconditional love. #wcw๐Ÿ˜ #npc. #teamfreddy #numberonefan. #mommasboy

#transformationtuesday after losing for 40 pounds, she pushed herself to a whole other level. Competing at the Dallas Europa and placing top 3 @caaadyy_ claims to be obsessed with it, but I think she just found the key to sucuess. Taking this little chubby girl and turning her into the beautiful fit bikini woman she is now has been a challenge for me. If you've ever met this vicious girl, you know what I mean. Luckily Chomper and I have a relationship where we can comfortably criticize each other and continue to improve our physique. #teamshooffz. #teamfreddy #npcbikini #transformationtuesday #trainerslife. #proudbf #fitcouples #swolemates

Here is this bad ass rookie! 10 weeks in a whole new environment. @lpzmoni55 a genetic gift did what it takes most girls months to do. Placed 2nd in her first show ever. She can do it all, lean out with ease, and build muscle just walking in at @shooffzfitness. I had so much fun working with her, she loves to train and push herself. Having her goofy personality has been a real treat for both @caaadyy_ and I. I can't wait to see what we can do next! #teamshooffz. #teamfreddy #npcbikini #girlswholift #trainerslife

How about this guy @jj_transformcouple . 24 weeks 2 shows and a huge transformation. Jorge has truly defied all odds! Placing 3rd in open mens physique. This man has the greatest heart I've seen. As a coach I know that some things can NOT be taught. His sole ambition has carried him through an amazing story well beyond any stage. Had the pleasure to work with him, and people like him motivate me to be a better coach and competitor. So thank you Jorge I look forward to our future plans!. #teamfreddy #teamshooffz #npc #npcphysique #trainerslife #supplementxpress

Alright here it is guys @richiiboi24. First in teens Bodybuilding and placing 2nd in open middle weight bodybuilding. So proud of this kid, at 18 he is battling and out muscling grown men. 1 show down see us in 5 weeks for a harder look. On our way San Antonio! #teamfreddy #teamshooffz #raisingrichard #npc #bodybuilding #future #sanantonioclassic

Checked in! @jj_transformcouple @richiiboi24 @lpzmoni55 my squad ready to roll. Talk about hard work! Each of these individuals have put the time an effort in, tomorrow will be Your moment to show us all what youve done. People like them make me love what I do! This is how do it @shooffzfitness #teamfreddy #teamshooffz #npc #bodybuilding #npcphysique #npcbikini #hardwork #trainerslife

Killing some high rep shoulders @shooffzfitness! Loving this new layout Mr.Gracey put together. #fitfuelgrill #shooffzfitness #mikegraceyraised #npc #bodybuilding #teamfak @fakhrimubarak_ceo_ifbbpro

Messing around after a little chest Work out. Couldn't be happier with how I'm turning out, feels good to be home @shooffzfitness. #teamshooffz #bodybuilding #npc #mikegraceyraised #teamfak @fakhrimubarak_ceo_ifbbpro

I had the pleasure to meet this great deal of a man. So sad to hear that one of my idols has past. ๐Ÿ˜ข RIP Dallas. #bigcountry #rip

Big congrats to my client Jazmin and Jon. I remember the long wait @berriesjazz ! You got your ring lol and now you got papers on your man ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. I'm very proud of this beautiful bride who busted her ass to fit into that amazing dress! Happy for the both of you, much love. #trainerslife #bride #teamfreddy

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