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Freddy Man  Personal trainer / prep coach 💪 Sho offz fitness & Fit Fuel grill ⛪ #Teamshooffz #MikeGraceyRaised #iamfirstphorm

About 6 years ago I got to see @fouadabiad guest pose in New Mexico, and he's even bigger now. It was nice to meet him again, still humble and willing to pause at his booth to get a picture with me. Thank you Fouad.

Another b-day gone by and I must admit I have some good people around me, damn I'm spoiled. Big thank you to my people my big homie @a.delhierro at home @sudamats for taking me to shoot shit 😂 @that_girl_nikko for being another brotha with all your love and most of all @caaadyy_ for setting aside everything and making today a good day, I love my belt and other gifts. I love all of you. 28 bdays later and I couldn't be happier with how this one went by. Thank you to everyone @shooffzfitness for the love today #shooffzfitness #bdayboy #happy

Got my new giant killer shirt! Much respect for @shaunclarida , who I had the chance to meet at last year's Dallas Europa right before he won it. Feeling inspired to grow ! #giantkiller #bodybuilding #teamshooffz #npc #fitfamep

Loving this new @arsenal_strength machine ! First time I got to play with at @shooffzfitness. If you havent used it.... Gotta give it a try! Not as clean as @mattjansen8 but I try 😂. #arsenalstrength #teamshooffz #Back day #npc

Another win in the bag for #teamfreddy ! @hoodzilla1 wins his class in open physique ! 2 shows 2 wins , feels Good! I couldnt be happier to coach this goofy ass soldier. Congrats to you and your GF on your wins! #npc. #npcphysique #teamfreddy

Starting my contest season right with @hoodzilla1. 1st pace novice and overall novice winnner. Not bad rookie. Haven't seen this guy in over a year but keeps up to date with me on a daily base. Very proud to bring reality into another dream. #teamfreddy #iam1stphorm #npc #npcmensphysique

Here we go @hoodzilla1 ! Just a few days out from his first show! We've been talking about getting you on stage for some time, it was a matter of military life allowing you to do so. Just a few more days til dues are paid my friend.... And for that I salute you #mcm #teamfreddy #iam1stphorm #npc #npcmensphysique

Been coaching this kid @richiiboi24 since he was 16. Its Been an incredible 2 years for us with great accomplishments, I can't wait for our next step. So proud, this is a coaches / traininers dream to have someone with this much ambition. #teamfreddy #teamshooffz #npc #npcusas #bodybuilding

Slowly changing myself over many years, I wish I could say it was easy. With some hard work and guidance from the man himself @mikegracey , we scratched off many milestones in my personal list. Learn, work hard, achieve .... I am Sho Offz Fitness. #transformationtuesday #npc #mikegraceyraised #teamshooffz

#motivationmonday As Richard walks through some early posing. Kicking off prep nice and healthy with room to grow, the Sho Offz way. @richiiboi24 @shooffzfitness #raisingrichard #teamfreddy #npc #bodybuilding

Big Happy Bday to the man who created it all for me. It was 10 years ago now that I met mike and from day 1 he has been my inspiration and the biggest helping hand. I have my home @shooffzfitness all thanks to @mikegracey. Mr. Gracey you have given Tony and I more than we could ever ask, you mean more to me then I could every say. So with all the muscle in my tiny heart I just want to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Here we go again @richiiboi24. So far we've accomplished everything we wanted. Now our newest journey is here and we will can continue to do what we do best, work hard. Keep an eye out for this kid. We are @shooffzfitness .
#npc #npcbodybuilding #npcusas #teamshooffz #teamfreddy #mikegraceyraised

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