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That's why you should cherish the big moments the little moments love with a passion make your love bigger than your heart make someone smile make someone laugh do the unexpected surprise someone let your loved ones know how much you love them and cherish them it's okay to be strong tough and emotional show your heart

Earlier this year I had the privilege and the honor of meeting of Breaking Bad RJ Mitte I can relate to him on so many different levels CP kick ass in the world everyone has a gift use your gift impact the world in a positive way PT

9/11 never forgotten God bless those families that have lost loved ones God bless the troops that paid the ultimate sacrifice RIP AVA SFC

The best Mexican restaurant downtown Nashville great service great staff great people great food

Don't walk through life find your passion find your purpose find your motivation almost a year-and-a-half later of having Instagram I wouldn't believe the friendships I've made too many to name but you know who you are you can make an impact you got to believe in yourself and a good support system and people that motivates you

We us you me all of us we deserve a better country a greater country we have truly lost the site of that let's stand together not divided we have women we have men we have women and men that fight for our freedom and put their life and blood on the line we need to stop fighting each other and look at ourselves in the mirror in truly ask ourselves what are we truly fighting about truly think about it and truly ask yourself God bless our troops

Being a lover loving like nobody else Your Love cannot compare to anybody else's being a fighter you fight like hell and every day Fighters don't quit fighters don't stop Fighters break obstacles

Sometimes we have fighting in our blood sometimes in our DNA sometimes we are born Fighters sometimes it's better that have more guts than Brains I love this painting as long as you have the spirit to fight and the heart to fight nothing can stop you Fighters fight like hell every day

True friends are what matter hold them close keep them close that's a bond that can never be broken through thick and thin through bad times and Good Times when you need somebody to lift you up a friend that'willing pick you up at your weakness friends for life and friends forever friends come and go but true friends are what matter most

Everyday you are more valuable then you think you just got to realize it for yourself share your gift world step out of your comfort zone everyone has a gift you got to be willing to recognize it and realize it God bless everyone

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