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Darren Young aka Freddie  🔵Challenges drive me 🔵Problems motivate me 🔵Family is life Snapchat👻blocktheh8 📩MGMT: #BLOCKTHEHATE

It takes a huge amount of courage to live authentically. I'm living proof and I know it might feel like a constant struggle but, pride in yourself should be applauded. Gay, Straight, WHO CARES I just want to let you all know that I will always stand and fight for you just as long as you #Blockthehate with me. Deal? 👊🏽😚 #uknowwhattimeitis #fit2fight #fitness #fitnessmotivation #thedoubtersmademedoit #yourwakeupcall #strongerthanyesterday #mevsme #imissyou #imjustsayin 📷 @jordanfabin

Just two dudes from jersey ready to inspire people and change the world, baby. 💪🏽Congratulations on the move to Florida, Nick.🙌🏽😊 #blockthehate #THEDOUBTERSMADEMEDOIT #yourwakeupcall #uknowwhattimeitis #strongerthanyesterday

Today with Coach @harrison44 @tampasportsacademy, we did some Lactate tolerance training which will help me to recover more quickly from successive bursts of speed and power in the squared circle. This work I'm doing increases my tolerance to lactic acid build up and allows me to maintain a high work rate for longer while whooping up on somebody in the ring. This type of training I've fallen in live with. #fitness #fit2fight #yourwakeupcall #thedoubtersmademedoit #blockthehate #blocktheh8salutethegr8 @thepositivevibemovement 🙌🏽😉

I've always believed in supporting those that have passion in what they truly love and are good at. I got a chance to spend a few days with my Uce @junzvaivai and he put me through his program in preparation for my return to the squared circle very soon. 💪🏽
Junz created The Wake Up Call to give individuals a full body detox and guide them on a healthy lifestyle change both mentally and physically. His program focuses on consuming lots of fresh foods as well as committing to a consistent training routine.
Say what you want about Junz. But he's got such big heart and it's rare to find people with the size of heart he has.
Thank you for dropping some knowledge onto me and showing me what The Wake Up Call is all about. Keep changing lives Uce and keep putting your vision of the Wake Up Call into reality. See you soon. Love you Uce. 👊🏽 #blockthehate #thedoubtersmademedoit #yourwakeupcall #familyisntalwaysblood #comeback #fitness #fit2fight #fitfam

Vibing with my homies who I 💙 unconditionally. I'm happy. I'm satisfied. I'm content. #blockthehate #thedoubtersmademedoit #familyisntalwaysblood 👊🏽

I'm just reminding my #Instagram #family to never be ashamed of who you are. We're all unique and it's something to celebrate, not fear. Some will hold it against you, but they're not worth you're damn time. 💪🏽😚#blockthehate #uknowwhattimeitis #thedoubtersmademedoit #comeback

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join me. Life is so delicious when I fuel with up with @nutritionsolutions. #fitnessmotivation #fit2fight #uknowwhattimeitis #thedoubtersmademedoit #blockthehate 🙌🏽

I love watching my FBI agent friend train! She's got so much tenacity and is absolutely fearless. They let me join in for some extra conditioning. This badass FBI agent said, " We are going to do whatever it takes to #MakeDarrenYoungGreatAgain " 🙌🏽❤️️#blockthehate #thedoubtersmademedoit #uknowwhatimeitis

‪Why hide hard work? I'm more wrestling than you'll ever be. #TuesdayMotivation #thedoubtersmademedoit #CONQUER #BLOCKTHEHATE 8-9-17 😘‬

I love sled training with coach @harrison44 @tampasportsacademy because its improved my strength, athleticism and work rate capacity without the negative impact of heavy lifting. Sled training has been great for me in injury prevention while making my body stronger and more durable. Sled work places relatively little stress on my nervous system. Sled pushing and dragging are also easier on my lower back, shoulders and knees. #thedoubtersmademedoit #uknowwhattimeitis #blockthehate #mondaymotivation

Damn, I haven't used the ground based jammer press since high school but recently, I've been incorporating this great exercise into my rehab because for me, it focuses on the production of total body power and strength. This has helped me strengthen any weakness or imbalances in the power distribution through the upper extremities. This is a total body power exercise. #blockthehate #thedoubtersmademedoit #mevsme

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