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My MANE chick and I need just a HAIR more of your contributions for @f1movie 💁🏽‍♀️Help both of our dreams come true by @niloonour becoming my personal assistant. (Puns inspired by Niloo, and created by both Nours)

Knowing she’ll hold my hand when I need it🤗#MotivationMonday

Iranians! They’re just like us!

🌸Blossoming into a female filmmaker. Pretty please with a cherry blossom on top check out @f1movie and help us reach our crowdfunding goal 🌸#FemaleFilmmakerFriday

Baba will dance for @f1movie to get more contributions! Make Baba happy 😊❤️Link in bio.

I’m trying to get you to contribute to @f1movie AND win this @abcnt REVOLUTION OFFSET poster. Is it working? Or nah?

#wcw Goes to the city of angels, where I’ll be soon to keep working on getting @f1movie made! Have you contributed? You should 🤗Link in bio.

Happy National Siblings Day to the one who acts weird & annoying with me! @niloonour Music: @bazzi

On behalf of @f1movie, and my BABA, thank you for getting us to the 20% mark! We’ve raised $10K, but the journey isn’t over. Please help us reach our goal, and get our film made, by contributing and sharing with friends! Follow the link in my bio ✌🏽❤️🇮🇷

🚨NEW RAFFLE 🚨 Talented LA artist @abcnt has given us SIX of these REVOLUTION OFFSET prints to raffle for our film @f1movie. Contribute to our campaign (link in bio) and enter to win. $20 raffle!

Every Iranian mom talking to relatives in Iran. Ever. For the history of time. #FarsiFriday

Wow! #tbt to behind the scenes of my first 48 Hour Film. Can’t wait for behind the scenes from my first feature film, @f1movie. Please give us a follow and contribute to our campaign 🤗

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