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Malcolm Freberg  We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us

No, you don't get any context. Just turn the volume up and ignore our googly eyes.
We're definitely the coolest people we know.


"I'm only doing a charcoal mask if you make me look kinda like Batman" -Me, last night

Friends are for making you feel better about getting your shit kicked on #Survivor

Face when someone says, "oh, #Survivor, that's still on?"

There's a thing on TV in a bit. Watch it and cheer for this guy. #Survivor

I look like I smell terrible #Survivor

Want to know what friendship is? It's when @andreaboehlke sends you photos of the new EW mag because you're in it + she knows you're creepily obsessed with the actress on the cover (top two photos); and then, after you express disappointment that you're not on the exact same page as Hermione, she gets creative with folding and immediately sends the bottom pic that brings you + your crush closer together. Hashtag relationship goals.

"Show us your game face," they said. "Show us that special something you bring to the island," they said. #Survivor

Note that, if you dive off a Costa Rican waterfall, this technique results in a massive headache

TIP FOR FUTURE SURVIVORS: impress the cute reporter by aggressively disrobing after your interview

No one else on #survivorgamechangers knows how to properly pose for 'fun' photos. Peasants.

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